Where is the difference between men and women in addition to the physical aspect when we talk about sports? Today, we want you to ask this question after reading what we have prepared about women and their presence in board sports.

“Why do we need to highlight the presence of women in surfing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, skateboarding or snowboarding?” Surely you have heard or you have ever raised this question. Now, we want to ask you these others: Why is it still surprising that a woman surfers or skaters if her physical constitution allows her to do it? They are people, right? Are they in a ood physical condition? Do they like sports? Do not they surf or skate like another boy with the same experience? Do they become champions in international competitions?

Many times we should ask these questions to avoid malicious comments to which some of the women or associations that we will talk about today have had to listen or face them. That’s not mean that there aren’t men who consider women equal. Many of them have mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, granddaughters… and they know what they are capable of without needing anyone to remind them.

However, we are not going to talk about “men” or “male chauvinists”, but about “women”, “associations”, “projects” in which they strive to give greater presence to women in these sports and especially for those who think that they are not capable of practicing these sports or that they are not directly for them. We want to ask these women: “And why not?” Do men consider themselves capable of everything? I’m afraid not, insecurities exist, both of them and for them and, when it comes to table sports, trust is the key … always.

To do this, we will present below an example of each board sport with which we work (surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, bodyboarding and snowboarding) and where you will find testimonials, campaigns, associations or events that fight every day to motivate women to know how wonderful these sports are and encourage them to practice them:

  • SURF:

The World Surfing League announced something that in many sports, even in many jobs, is still fighting: men and women will be paid equally in all the events of 2019. Of course, many companies in the surf industry are still fighting to improve in this, in which both women and men are involved. And this has been a great step of inclusion in a sport in which women are very present:



In bodyboard we have a great event the Bodyboard Girls Experience, which is held since 2014 from September 19 to 24, on the island of Madeira (Portugal). Five days full of tourism, fun and a lot of bodyboard just for women. An unique experience that you can not miss! Here we leave the promotional video:


Investigating the presence of women in wakeboard, we find the story of Caroline “Carro” Djupsjö, a rider since the thirteen. On her website, she tells us how she grew up in the world of Wakeboard being a woman, especially as a professional. As it has many incredible stories to tell, it also has other much more uncomfortable and engaged, such as facing questions and comments that only underestimated the importance that if women and men get exactly the same, why if they do women have or should they be less recognized for it? And in that case, they have to tolerate it? We highly recommend that you read the post you posted on their website, it is inspiring and motivating:

Also in Wakeboard we have the film “For The Girls” by Nicola Butler with which she not only tries to give more visibility to the women in Wakeboard, but also to show that they are good in this sport. Next, we leave you the trailer:


In Snowboard they have also advanced a lot in terms of the inclusion of women in this sport. The proof of this was the inclusion not only of the Big Air at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but the inclusion of the test for men and women:


Girl Skate UK” is a blog where you will find a lot of information about events, places to skate, articles, etc. in order to give a greater presence in women, showing that skateboarding is already in another level … concretely in a superior one:

We could make an infinite entry with the projects and advances of women in the world of table sports, we hope to have shown you with these small examples that women are there despite what many may think. If you have been wanting to know more, we also remind you that we already talked about more projects or women who have excelled in these sports, such as “Boards Sports Are Not For Mothers, Or Maybe Yes? “And” The first professional skateboarding women“.

Finally, we also want to remind you that in our shop online we offer you accessories with miniature wooden boards of all the sports that we have talked about in this post. You choose the format: bracelet, necklace or key ring. We encourage you to give it to a woman who likes these sports and why not? It is also a good gift for yourself!


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