Wakeboarding or water skiing on board is a water sport with lots of adrenaline and strength. Acrobatics are its main characteristic, but where and what do we need to practice it?

Wakeboarding is one of the most impressive water sports due to its multiple acrobatics, modules and jumps that we can only do with a board and a boat that gives us the necessary boost. Today, we bring you recommendations of some of the best places to practice wakeboarding and what are the necessary materials that you will need.

Before we start, we recommend you take a look at our Wakeboard lifestyle, Boardsports Terminology. Part One and know the Wakeboarding story, which will help you to know more about this sport and better understand some concepts and that are also a complement to this publication.

Materials needed in the wakeboardFall-wakeboard-lake-wood-necklace-MinimumBoards

Let’s star talking about the clothes we must wear: a wetsuit, it will help you keep warm and the thiner it wetsuit, the more mobility you will have; a vest, as well as helping you stay afloat, will protect you from any impact; a helmet, there are specific for these sports, light and resistant, any safety measure is small; and straps or handles, you will need these boots to stay fixed to the board.

The last one leads us to the necessary materials in addition to a boat or boat: a table, is not valid any, you need one that is appropriate for you, so talk to professionals in specialized stores that will help you choose the best for you; a rope, which will allow you to be driven by the boat; a palonier, which is part of said rope and that allows you to hold yourself better.

Where to practice wakeboard

In this case the sea is not the best way to practice wakeboarding if we have lakes or swamps nearby, because the waves in this case are not as good allies, as in surfing. In addition, in the lakes or marshes we have the possibility of practicing finding schools, clubs or cableparks that have enabled such means for the practice of wakeboarding. We can choose between two modes: by a cable or a boat, the choice of one or the other depends on our level, management and possibilities for practicing wakeboarding.

Today, we are going to tell you five places where you can practice wakeboarding in Spain and five other places in the world:

Wakeboard Madrid Lago Tahoe (California)
Olimpic Cable Park (Barcelona) Lago Eildon (Australia)
Cable ski Marbella Lago Powell (Utah and Arizona)
Zaragoza Wake Park Neorion Bay (Greece)
Xavi Mill Esquí Competició (Gerona) Aquaski Park (Costa Rica)

And this is just a small selection of many other places we can find, if you click on each one, it will direct you to the official website in case you want more information.

Finally, we must not forget that in sport it is also necessary to wear the best style. Minimum Boards in this case helps you by offering you wooden accessories with miniature boards of your favorite board sport, in this case, wakeboarding. Choose the format you like (bracelet, necklace or keychain), you can customize it by choosing the wood that you like (African ebony, Amazon amaranth, Pacific mahogany and other exotic woods) and be aware of all our news on social networks. Follow us, we are also interested in your opinion and what do you like most about wakeboarding! 



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