“New year, new life”, that is the motto of many when the next year begins or a new period does. Among the most popular resolutions, playing sports or starting a new one are in first place. Therefore, today we tell you what you need to start snowboarding.

If you have not practiced a sport in the snow before, maybe starting with a sport like snowboarding may seem like a little too much. However, do not give up so quickly because patience and perseverance are going to be your best ally. Anything can be very difficult at first, but remember it! mistakes are always learned.


  • Snowboard lessons: it is best to start with the supervision of a professional, who will indicate the necessary guidelines and offer you advice to help you improve and avoid injuries.
  • Suitable ski equipment: snow clothes, snowboard, boots, hat, among others. They are necessary and essential, even items that we can pass higher as sun protection.
  • Find out if you are goofy or regular: in other words, what foot will you put in front of and what will you put behind in the table? This will influence if you are left or right handed because your strongest foot will be the one that should go in the back of the table.


  • Know the rules: it is important to know what the rules of the ski resort or the center where you start to snowboard. This way you will be able to better know the terrain, where it is better to ski according to your level, what you have to be careful of and how to face it. These rules are very important!
  • Necessary documentation: identity card, reservation ticket, health card, ski insurance… are just some of the necessary documents that are essential in case of accident or any incident that may occur during your trip.

These are just a small sample of what you will need, but there are many more things. However, we want that the rest also collaborate telling us what is essential for you when you do snowboarding and that has not been mentioned yet. Where? In our social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) we are always pleased to read your comments and create a community of passionate about this sport.

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