Have you ever thought about how technology influences sports? What would be sport without her? Can we still invent something new and revolutionary? The answer is below.

Technology is so accesible than many times we do not even stop to think about the essentials that it has become our life. It is present in our life, from household appliances to mobile phones; at work, with computers and mobile phones; in leisure, like in the movies or amusement parks … It is almost impossible for us to conceive a world without it, right?

One of the objectives of a technological breakthrough is to make life easier and above all safe to continue enjoying what we like most and get the most out without worrying about anything. If we apply this to sport we can find many advances and inventions that have revolutionized the world of sports. Today, we bring you five of them, would you try them?

Revolutionary inventions for table sports:

  1. Wave pool: this is surely the one you will meet the most. Centers with huge pools or artificial wave simulators where many begin to practice surfing, bodyboarding or other water sports. Also, in these centers competitions are organized.
  2. FlyThings Surf: a high precision sensor that records a series of data in order to know the movements and maneuvers while surfing and thus be able to analyze and improve them. In the following links you can learn more about this device: http://www.atiga.es/portfolio-items/flythingssurf/ and http://www.surferrule.com/el-futuro-del-surf-hoy/
  3. La Vaina surf: safety is essential and you have seen that in many board sports, such as wakeboarding, kitesurfing, among others, they wear life jackets, especially when we are still beginners. Surfing is not inferior and we already have La Vaina a life jacket, comfortable so you can continue to enjoy surfing safely.
  4. Surf Scooter: it was quite a revolution for the bodyboard since it is the board that made surfing and bodyboard even closer. How? Well, with a table that has a bar that can be raised and lowered. Do you have your surfboard Scooter? Do you have the sea or a pool of artificial waves? So, what are you waiting for?
  5. Progression Airbag: if winter sports are your thing, this invention will please you. It is called Progression Airbag, an air bag that, as its name suggests, acts as an airbag to receive riders during their training and improve the most complicated tricks.

Did you know some of these inventions? They are amazing, right? When it seems that everything is already invented and can not be improved, technology surprises us with something new and revolutionary. This is the intention of Minimum Boards, surprise you with our wooden accessories for all table sports, do you want one?

Our bracelets, necklaces and key rings, like these inventions, are so revolutionary because you can wear them at any event, elegant and light. Choose the wooden board that you like best: shortboard, longboard, fishboard, bodyboard, wakeboard, snowboard or skateboard. And in the mini format that you like the most: bracelet, necklace or key ring. Finally, we encourage you to follow us on social networks to keep up to date with news, offers and publications!


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