Has anyone ever wondered where the wakeboard comes from? At Minimum boards we want you to be well informed and to be aware of all the stories behind your favourite sports. Today we have to talk about wakeboarding, ready?

First, we can say that this sport came from a combination of skiing, water skiing and snowboarding. Its appearance was about 1980 but it is not clear who was its inventor, is thought that simultaneously appeared in different parts of the world, reason why would not have a single father!

Talking about wakeboarding we have to talk about skurf first. The skurf was an evolution of the surf where a surfboard joined by a cable to a boat was used, just like the wakeboard! However, there are quite few differences. The surfboards are much thicker than those that emerged later for wakeboarding, they lacked ties so the movement was limited… Despite all this, skurf is the clear precursor of the modality Now it is known as wakeboard.


Throughout the years the boards were perfected and more people were encouraged to try this sport. One of the names that most helped the evolution and consolidation of wakeboarding was Herb O’Brien. This man was known for owning HO Sport. After much testing, Paul Fraser and his brother Murray, HO Sport representatives wanted to perfect the sport by copying the snowboard bindings. It took them a long time to persuade Herb O’Brien to make these boards, but they did. With the help of the best table designers in Hawaii, Herb designed the first wakeboard: Hyperlite Pro. This board is responsible for the great growth and popularity of the sport.

In 1989, Jimmy Redmon founded the World Wakeboard Association, establishing a regulation. In 1992, he began to organise professional events of wakeboard, which finished to popularise this sport.

As we have seen this practice is quite recent but it has a great evolution. If you are interested in this sport, visit our website to see our miniature wakeboard tables and customise one for you. What do you think about this sport?


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