Adrenaline, board sports and water are your thing, have you ever considered practicing Wakeboarding?

Previously, we talked about the history of Wakeboard, but today we want to focus on this sport and show you some tricks.

  • What is Wakeboarding?

A variant of water skiing and it has become a sport of competition.

  • Some concepts 

  1. Wakeboarder or rider: A person who practices wakeboarding and is dragged by a boat. The rider is subject to this boat by means of a rope and palonier.
  2. Palonier: handle to which the rider is attached and to which is tied a rope that connects it with the boat
  3. Modules for jumping: platforms by which the riders slide to make turns or jumps in the air. They can be of different type: round, straight, inclined, curved, etc. Also it called them ramps or sliders
  4. Straps or handles: They are like boots that keep the rider’s feet fixed to the board
  5. Grab: action that a rider performs during a jump that basically consists of being able to grab for a few seconds the table while the jump is made. There are different types.
  • Wakeboarding Modes

  1. Wakeboard by boat: a boat or a boat is the one who drags the rider and drives through the practice zone
  2. Ski cable: in this case, the rider is dragged by a system of pulleys that drive cables. It is practiced in lakes, in a channel or in the sea, but usually, are delimited areas.
  • How I choose my board


  1. Size: according to the weight, height and level of the wakeboarder
  2. Rocker or table profile: it has 3 different stages that varies according to the movements to be performed
  3. Channels: substitutes for keels. They are in the base of the table and they favor the stability and navigation of the table. For that reason, they are enough recommendable
  4. Keel: Appendices that are located at the bottom of the table and are intended to improve the grip and stability of the board. However, they are only recommended for cable skiing and if you are not going to do jumps
  5. Boots: It is very important that the boots or strabs of our table hold the foot well and fit it.
  • Wakeboarding tricks

Surface tricks: there are different types as the butterslide, the tumble turn and the 180º turn, and much more. butterslide-wake-minimumboards
grabs-wake-minimumboards Grabs: it’s a case very similar to the previous one, we can find diverse types as the indy, the seat belt or the tai bread, and much more.
Spins: you can do that from the front side, from the back side, throwing the palonier (the osmosis), etc spins-wake-minimumboards
inverts-wake-minimumboards Inverts: you have to lie on your stomach. There are diffents modes: backroll, frontroll, diesel, and much more.
  • Did you know that?

  1. Some professional athletes, like the skier Julien Lopez, practice sports like the wakeboard to prepare physically.
  2. Next to the wakeboard, we have the wakeskate. It is very similar to the first only that differ in that the wakeskate does not wear boots or straps.
  3. Every year the PANGEA festival is held, a combination of free sports (including wakeboarding), music, culture and games, which takes place in August. Are you going to miss it?

One of the greatest features of wakeboards is their strength, just like ours. Stop by our store and get yourself with your handmade miniature wakeboard!


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