Your board in a unique packaging

Selected and certified packaging to store and protect Minimum products. This product is delivered as a “message in a bottle”. It is a format with double functionality, protects the product and its message from deterioration, synthesizes and resumes the sport and the lifestyle.

But why have we decided on this type of packaging? Bottle messages convey the spirit of our company. Over the years these bottles have been carriers of countless stories. If you are lucky enough to find a bottle stranded on the beach its content may surprise you. You can discover from stories and confessions with love stories of shipwrecks. For many years these messages were the only method the lost shipwrecked had of asking for help. Some of these bottles are lucky to be found, others are lost and never reach the coast. At Minimum Boards we want to capture that mystery of “messages in the bottle”, but making our bottles arrive at their destination safe and sound!

If you’ve ever wondered how long these bottles have been left with their message at sea, the oldest one found is dated from 1906. The woman who found the message, Marianne Winkler, spent her vacation on a German island of Amrum when on one of her walks she observed something on the seashore, it was a bottle with a message which was older than 100 years! According to The Guardian, the message comes from a marine biologist, George Parker Bidder, who threw more than a thousand bottles in the southern area of the North Sea in 1906. Many of the bottles were found soon after their launch by fishermen and sailors. This bottle was part of an experiment to check ocean currents and the Guinness Book of Records has already cataloged it as the oldest message found.

When you receive your miniature board as a “message in a bottle” you may feel like you are part of all these stories.