The Olympic Games have become the dream goal for elite athletes. Some have reached it, others unfortunately not. The important thing is that all of them have been moved by the same passion: sports.

The Olympic Games: the most important sporting event in the world of sports, the peak of any athlete’s career and the most anticipated event by many spectators. These games, which take place every four years, are a meeting of the best athletes in the world in which excitement and competition are assured. We find them divided by categories and season: winter and summer.

However, Winter Olympic Games have less popularity, probably because not all countries have the right weather conditions to practice these sports. So, since we are in February and the last winter Olympics have recently taken place, we bring you some curiosities related to these games and about our favorite sport, snowboarding. For example:Mountain-chamonix-MinimumBoards


  1. Did you know that the first Olympic Winter Games took place in 1924 in Chamonix, France?

           Do not you? Then, keep reading.

  1. For a winter sport to achieve the category of “Olympic it has to be practiced in 25 countries on 3 different continents, regardless of the sex of the athletes. And that it meets the following conditions:
  • To comply with anti-doping laws
  • That it be accepted as an Olympic sport 7 years before becoming part of the final program.
  1. New York has been chosen to host the Olympics twice.
  2. Climate change is an important factor that is gradually conditioning these games: the conditions of the tracks, training, etc.
  3. Artificial snow was used for the first time in the 1980 games, in New York.
  4. Snowboarding was introduced in the Olympic program in 1998.
  5. In fact, in snowboarding we can find up to 5 different modes, introduced in the games different years:
  • Parallel slalom (2002)
  • Snowboardgross (2004)
  • Halfpipe (2014)
  • Slopestyle (2018)
  • Big air (2018)

Many athletes have confirmed that becoming part of a game is one of the hardest things because it involves giving up many things: family, friends, plans, studies, etc. However, none would change their decision for nothing and, therefore, after finishing his career as a professional athlete many choose to do everything they could not do until then; others, directly decide to retire before and fulfill other dreams: either because they consider that their moment in professional sport should finally end and make way for the next, either because their path is not linked to being part of that world and they decide to look another dream.


However, no matter what may happen, the important thing is to appreciate the moments lived and the decisions made to be better in the future, how? Some people keeps photographs, others medals and trophies and others objects that represent those moments. Our miniature wooden boards symbolize everything that surrounds a sport, in a compact format, respectful with the environment and adaptable to any person. Do you want to know more? Go to our store and follow us on social networks, you will love it!


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