Have you ever thought about when you started snowboarding? Why do you even like it that much? What is it that encourages you to continue practicing this sport every winter? Today, it is you who write, who is going to tell us why snowboarding is so important to you.

Minimum Boards use to tell you curiosities and news about board sports, what makes them special and show you that it will accompany you in all your adventures by offering you a series of accessories as delicate as some wooden boards in miniature. However, today you are the protagonist. We want to know what you like about snowboarding, taking advantage of the first snowfall, and what this sport means to you.

To begin, we have started by interviewing a person (whose identity will be completely anonymous) to which we have asked some very basic questions that we would like you to answer with total sincerity:


This is just the testimony of another person who, like you, snowboarding is present in your life. Now it’s your turn! We would like to know your answers and know how this sport has influenced you and how you started in it. How? You can answer the same questions above or choose one and tell us through social networks, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to have the opportunity to gather new and different experiences and to meet other snowboarders like you. You dare?

Finally, as always we want to accompany you in this new experience with the best style. Go to our store and choose the wood that you like most, you have three types: African ebony, Pacific mahogany, Amazonian amaranth and other types of exotic woods. Also the format that goes best with you: bracelet, necklace or keychain and go skiing!.




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