We can now proudly say that skateboarding has crossed borders. In addition to spread throughout the world, has brought people from different cultures in contact, it has influenced architecture, fashion, music, art and in many other areas.

Since skateboarding began around the 50s and 60s, it has evolved and spread so much that it is officially recognized as an Olympic sport. We start from California, the state par excellence of skateboarding, proof of this is the web of the same city of San Diego where we are presented with a local guide of skateparks that we are obliged to visit as tourists, some of them very reputed by professional skaters. Are you interested? You can access it by clicking here.Skateboarding-street-graffities-bracelet-wood-miniature-MinimumBoards

If we move away from California, we will find that in some countries, skateboarding has been a “social union tool”. This is how Lamono Magazine defines it on its website where its article “Un recorrido por el mundo: el skate como herramienta de unión social” (A journey through the world: skateboarding as a tool for social union) talks about initiatives promoted through skateboarding in countries that might cost us to imagine. We talk about countries like India, Afghanistan, Ethiopia… to Moscow. The objective? To achieve a better society. How? Our favorite initiative is “No School. No Skating” which, as its name suggests, going to school is an essential requirement for skating. Sport is not only encouraged, but also education.

In any case, we can go even further. Skateboarding is present even in countries where, because of its climate or economic, social or political situation, the last thing we would think would be that skateboarding is important there. We speak of countries like Ireland, Kenya, Egypt, the Philippines, Brazil, Finland, among others. Finally, we have a group of countries where it is sweeping, such as Japan or South Korea, where they are developing their own brands. If you want more information, we recommend the following links:



Finally, photography has been very important when we talk about this skater culture. Thanks to her, we can appreciate how others enjoy skateboarding, how they are skaters from different parts of the world and at the same time, share it with others. In this case, the photographer stands out Jonathan Mehring, who started skating and ended up dedicating himself to photography. In 2015, he took out a book where you can see more about his work, available here. In addition to having your own website.



In short, skateboarding and skater culture have crossed borders and have brought many people from different parts of the world in contact and only for something as unique as the passion for a sport.

Minimum Boards wants this passion to continue to spread. For this, we offer you some accessories in the form of bracelet, necklace and keychain with skateboards in miniature, different woods (Pacific mahogany, African ebony, amaranth amazon and other exotic woods) and shipments anywhere in the world fully available. Do not ever give up on practicing a sport like skateboarding!


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