Fear is one of the most natural reactions of the human being and the fear of sharks or being attacked by one, especially in surfers, is very normal. After all, we swim in the same environment.

Is it your case? Are you afraid of sharks? When you go out to surf, are you afraid of being attacked by a shark? Although fear is a natural reaction does not have to end up dominating our life, much less that we stop enjoying what we do not like because of fear. However, it is good to know how we can face it and how to react in case of encountering a shark.

How to face our fear of sharks


  1. Recognize our fear and then face it. It may seem like the easiest step, but sometimes it can be the most complicated to carry out. Many people may find it embarrassing to recognize that they are afraid, but in fact, we are all afraid of something, even the bravest.
  2. Know more about sharks. It may seem crazy, but learn more about sharks, for example by reading about them, you will discover things about them that will surprise you, they will thrill you and even terrify you at times, but you will discover many more reasons to fear them.
  3. Interact with them. In many aquariums there are activities and experiences with sharks, always accompanied by professionals for peace and safety of all participants. Also there you can have access to first hand information and know stories and anecdotes that can totally change your vision of sharks.
  4. Know more about the medium. Know how are the beaches where we are going to surf, what species we can find there, what are the best areas to swim and which ones should we avoid, etc. it will help you surf with more tranquility and security.
  5. Consult with specialists. If your fear starts to take over you or you see that it is increasing, it is best to talk to a specialist. Psychologists, for example, despite what many people believe will also guide you how to deal with this fear and gradually overcome it. So, it is always, always the best to consult with specialists.

Recommendations in case a shark comes near


  1. Do not panic. This step may be easier said than done, but it is the most important to remember. Sharks are curious animals, if you approach one you can do it perhaps out of curiosity and, even if it gives us goosebumps, the only way you can do it is with its nose. The information you have from the environment and the sharks will also help you.
  2. Keep the position and limbs as close together as possible. In this way, possibly a shark leaves before it loses interest, but it is not advisable to attack it because then it is when we can cause it to attack us.
  3. The use of paraffin and not urinate. There are paraffins whose smell does not arouse interest in sharks, and not to urinate in the sea will avoid attracting them.

We have only been able to bring you some recommendations and advice, but as always, professionals and specialists from the marine world will guide you more and give you more details of everything you want to know. Do not entertain doubts!

Finally, we want to accompany you in this process of overcoming the fear and we want to offer you our accessories of wooden boards in miniature of different sports of tables so that you always remember that once you were afraid and you managed to overcome it or give it to someone who has gone through a similar situation. Also, it’s something so personal, you can choose the format that you like the most too: bracelet, necklace and keychain; as well as the type of wood. What do you say?


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