The most expeensive and luxurious boards

How much would you be willing to pay for a board? Some people would be able to spend a lot of money to have some exclusive boards. We are going to tell you which are the most expensive surfboards in history.

One of the most expensive boards in the world was made by Ellie Miller who decided to create a gold board. It actually consisted of three layers of resin tinted with 24-carat gold dust. A board that impacts at first sight, but with which we can also surf without problems. With these characteristics its price rises to 183,000 $ (161,340 €) making it one of the most expensive board.


Another valuable board put on sale is the surfboard they used in “Baywatch”. Red and with the logo of the series, was designed and modeled exclusively for the series. This longboard was put on sale by an unknown man and could be bought on ebay at the modest price of $ 1,000,000. Would anyone be able to buy it?

The last board we are bringing you is designed by Roy Stuart, a famous New Zealand craftsman who manufactures surfboards. This craftsman presented a board called Rampart, available only for surf lovers with a very high budget. Valued at $ 1,300,000 (€ 955,000) it measures 320 cm and is handmade with Paulownia wood, material that makes it lighter. With a hollow interior and a main 3D print flap it turns out to be an exclusive object within the reach of a few.

What do you think of these boards? Do you know any other that can compete in price with these? If you cant afford to spend that much, don’t worry! you can get a miniature board going through our website. Do not forget to follow us on social networks!


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