At the beginning the skateboarding was considered a sport of men. We find it quite strange to think of this when today we see both men and women riding the asphalt on skateboards.

The arrival of the woman to the world of the skate was by the 60s. However, in those days many were criticized if they practiced sports of men.

We are happy to say that today the world has evolved a lot and that is why we can bring you this list of the first and best female skaters in the world. They are not on this list because they are the most beautiful or the most stylish, but because they are the first women to use their freedom to become what they wanted to be: professional skaters.

Patti McGee

This woman was the first to become a professional skateboarder. In Santa Monica, in 1965 she won her first national championship. That year also became the cover of LIFE magazine. Before becoming a skateboarder after she surfed for years, as did many women of the time. She is considered as the first female skateboarder.

Patti McGee-women-skate-minimumboards
Photo: Squarespace

Linda Benson

She was born in 1944 and she had already been surfing for 15 years. She was one of the first women to get on a skateboard. After winning the Hawaii Mahaka competition and getting to fame, the Hansen’s skateboard factory pulled out an exclusive and custom skateboard for her. This makes her the first woman to have her own skateboard model.

Linda Berson-woman-surf-minimumboards
Photo: Ron Church

Laura Thornhill

Her passion for skateboarding began at age 13 when she was given a Black Knight Skateboard on her birthday. Her first achievement was in a contest at her school where she was the only girl to sign up. In 1975, she won the “Steve South Bay” competition in the freestyle category. Warren Bolster immortalized his achievements by making his photos become an icon.

Laura Thornhill-skate-mujer-MinimumBoards
Photo: iso:50

Vicki Vickers

She was another of the professional skaters of the ’70s. “Let me be ashamed if I’m not out there breaking my neck like the boys,” she said in one of his many publications. And she got it! She became an icon of skateboarder.

vicky vickers-icon-skate-women-minimumboards
Photo: Jim Goodrich

Peggy Oki

Z-boys’ only woman, who inspired the film Lords of Dogtown (2005). All the members debuted in the competition “Del Mar Nationlas” where she qualified in the first position of freestyle women. She also won third place in the “World Skateboard Championship”.

peggy oki-skate-minimumboards
Photo: Pat Darrin

We can find many more women of that time who influenced equally in the world of skateboarding, this list is a selection.

If you are also struggling to become a professional skateboarder, or just practice as a hobby, you can go to our website to see the mini skateboard we offer, we also share your passion! Tell us, what skateboarder do you think was the first to ride a skateboard?

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