What better way to relax after an intense day than to put you on the television and prepare something to snack on? Instead of watching anything why not put on a surfing documentary … that what we call a perfect plan!

Here we bring you some of the best documentaries. So you can put your feet up and enjoy on those days of stress. We hope you like it!

Riding Giant (2004)

This film-documentary is directed by Stacy Peralta, a famous member of the band Z-boys and skater and professional surfer too. Riding Giant tells the story of surfing in the United States, from its beginnings in the Aboriginal communities of Hawaii to the present day. It focuses on surfing big waves with the participation of Greg Noll, Laird Hamilton and Jeff Clark. Check it out!

Blue horizon (2003)

Directed by the famous surf filmmaker Jack McCoy, this documentary tells the life of two of the best surfers in the world: Andy Irons and Dave Rastovich. McCoy followed them for 2 years to show us the differences that exist between a free surfer like Rastovich and Irons, a true professional of the competition. As a result, this magnificent documentary.

The endless summer (1996)

This documentary directed by Bruce Brown tells the story of two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, and their journey to find the perfect wave. They travel to famous coastlines such as Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii … and, of course, find incredible waves. It’s a classic among surf documentaries. If you have not seen it yet, you can not miss it!

Bra Boys (2007)

The Bra Boys are a gang made up of the Abberton brothers: Sunny, Jai and Kobe. These brothers are known in Australia for surfing big waves and for their encounters with the police, their fights and their problems with alcohol and drugs. This documentary tells how surfing for them is their only escape route.

One California day (2007)

Documentary produced by Builde Worldwide and co-directed by Mark Jeremias and Jason Baffa. In this film, they show us the life of eight surfers and the experiences of each one when surfing Californian waters.


Blackwater tells the story of Teahupoo, a humble town of Tahiti, and its coral reef wave, which is as feared as admired. This documentary shows us an unbeatable surf accompanied by the comments of the surfers. You will witness myths, stories and consequences based on this great wave. After it takes them 2 years to make the documentary, you have to see it!

From Minimum Boards, we hope to give you hours of fun and relax. What do you think of all these documentaries? Tell us on social networks and follow us to stay up to date with the blog and follow the news of our Minimum products.

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