Are you a surf lover? Are you always looking for the perfect wave?

In this post, we will show you a list of the best beaches in the world. Surfing is an adventure and we guarantee you will feel all the excitement that this sport can offer you. Let’s start!

United States, Hawái (Waimea)

United States is the place where our trip begins to find the best waves. Waimea Beach is located on the island of Oahu. It is housed of the first surfers who had the courage to dive into the sea, with a board, ready to challenge the waves too.

Being this place where this sport was born, Waimea has to be on the list.

And since we are in Hawaii we can pass by the beach of Pipeline, which competes in greatness with others from all over the world. On this beach, incredible tubes form on a sea full of rocky reefs. Something that sounds dangerous and risky but few surfers want to lose.


United States, California (Mavericks)

Without moving from the United States, there is another place that could not be missing if we think of surf: California. Over the bay of Half Moon appears one of the most dangerous beaches in the world, Mavericks. It is only suitable for those who like risk and strong emotions. This place appears in our ranking for the incredible show offered by its waves, which measure between 7 and 20 meters in height. All crazy for surf lovers!

From MinimumBoards we want to warn you. If you are determined to surf this beach, we hope you are a real expert!


Australia, Gold Coast (Superbank)

We return to pack to go to Australia. The Gold Coast is famous all over the world for its 70 km of beaches and for its best and most dangerous waves. Also they are of great route, arriving to the 500 meters, in this place you will not find any impediment to surf.

If you are thinking of going to Australia, you will have to cross one of the most famous beaches, Superbank, the paradise for any surfer. We assure you that in this place you will practice surf until exhausted.


South Africa (Jeffreys bay)

In this place, you can feel under your board the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian oceans. This peculiar situation that joins two currents: one cold and one warm. All of that generates powerful waves worthy of any surfer looking for different emotions.

We recommend you Supertubes, famous for hosting one of the tests of the world surfing championship. It seems like a place worth visiting.


Spain, Euskadi (Mundaka)

It is located at the mouth of the river Oka (Vizcaya) and it is visited by many surfers throughout the year. For many surf lovers, this beach offers the world’s largest wave of lefts, a challenge for the most expert surfers. However, when it is calm, it is ideal for the less experienced.

It seems like an ideal place to complete our list of best places to surf.


If you are on vacation and you decide to visit one of these places, tell us your experience! We look forward to your photos on our social networks. Visit our website!



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