Travelling to the other side of the world and surfing on the best beaches seems like an ideal holiday plan, as much as skiing or skateboarding in that famous place…

But sometimes complications arise.airport-airlines-boards-minimumboards

 We know that it can be difficult to take your board with you when you travel a long distance. You can go crazy choosing the airline that offers you the best offer! At Minimum Boards we want you to enjoy your favorite board sport anywhere in the world, that’s why we offer you

A guide to the prices and advantages offered by each company.

If you don’t want that your board to suffer any damage in the transport you must cover it with some resistant material. Prevention is better than cure!


We will divide the different airlines by continents, so that you take note from the place where you are.

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British Airways

Your table can travel free in this company as long as it doesn’t exceed the measures 190 cm x 75 cm and weighs no more than 23 kg.


From June 1 of 2016 Iberia changed its policy for long journeys (America, Asia, South Africa). Includes boards less than 3.5 meters inside the two suitcases you can carry free. If the trip is of short distance, you will have to pay to transport your table a single amount of 45 euros.


If your table measures less than 2 meters, on continental flights it costs you 50 euros and in intercontinental 100 euros. If it measures more than 2 meters, these amounts will be 100 and 200 euros.


In this company the price is from 150 euros. It is a bit expensive compared to others, that if you don’t get caught up in size or weight.


America Airliness

International price 150 dollars and national price 42,5 the first table + 85 additional, in case you do not decide with which board you want to travel.

Air Canada

Traveling with your board will cost you 50 dollars if you meet the assigned dimensions: 2.03 meters in length and maximum linear dimensions 2.77 (wide + height + length).


You will have to pay the amount for excess baggage and you can only carry your table if it doesn’t exceed 3 meters.

Argentinian airlines

This time we must pay 50% of a basic fee to transport our board. For other equipment that you want to take with you, the normal charge for excess baggage will apply.


Within Colombia and Peru you can transport your board as luggage, with no extra charge provided it doesn’t exceed 23 kg. Make sure you don’t pass the weight! On international flights this measure is not applicable and you must pay an extra $ 100.


Emirates Airlines

The transport of tables is included within the baggage allowance. It doesn’t charge for transport if it measures less than 3 meters and weighs less than 23 kg.

Qatar Airways

International price: Boards are part of the baggage allowance as long as they are within the maximum weight (23 kg).

Air China

In this airline you can transport your free board if it doesn’t exceed 158 cm, total linear dimensions. If you exceed these dimensions will be added more than 150 dollars to your amount, this amount varies depending on the route and weight.


South African Airways

Boards up to 2 meters are allowed without increasing the amount. But we advise calling the airline to confirm rates.

Kenya Airways

For boards over 1.07 meters in length you will have to book in advance the space by contacting the airline. A rate that varies depending on the route of the flight will apply.

Ethiopian Airlines

For boards up to 2 meters, 40 euros are charged for flights to Europe and 80 for international flights. For tables larger than 2 meters will be 80 and 160 euros.


Air Pacific

Usual cost of 50 to 100 australian dollars and the transport of the board will be allowed provided it doesn’t exceed 277 cm (total linear measurements).

Air New Zealand

In this company the boards are part of checked baggage. They allow to carry several boards in the same bag provided they don’t exceed 2 meters in length.(Calling the airline before can leave up to 2.5 meters).


In this company the board is considered within the luggage franchise.

Of course, none of them will beat you to travel with your miniature table! Tell us and go through our social networks.


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