Since the creation of the first skateboard in the 1950s this sport has been adding followers. Today we can talk about a culture of our own.

As in any other sport, you need places where you can practice with total freedom, that’s why in 1976 arose the first skatepark in the world, located in Florida. Over the years these parks expanded throughout the world and today we may find it more difficult to find the right one. From Minimumboards we aim to help by offering a list of the largest and best skatepark in the world.

Black Pearl Skatepark (Cayman Islands)

This first skatepark is located in the Cayman Islands in the capital George Town. Considered the largest outdoor park in the world has almost 18,000 square meters of surface where you can practice with your skate until exhausted. Courses are offered for all levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. The most important skaters have visited it at least once, perhaps that’s why the entry costs $ 20 a day, it is the most expensive skatepark in the world. Will it be worth it?… we think so.


Louisville Extreme Park (Louisville, United States)

Still in the United States appears in the State of Kentucky a skatepark that has 3,700 square meters full of pyramids, cornices, bowls… although its fame resides in its pipe of 24 feet



Kona Skatepark (Florida, United States)

Built in 1977, it is one of the oldest operating skatepark in the world. Located in the city of Jacksonville this park has a camp to instruct beginners to skate.



Vans Skatepark (Orange, California, United States)

The famous sneaker company around the world decided to undertake a new project by creating a skatepark in California. Classes are taught in its 6,000 square meters. Its design has a lot of rails, drawers, bowl, funbox… and if you are thinking of buying another skateboard, also has a skateshop.



Burnside Skatepark (Portland, Oregon)

Created in 1993 under the Burnside Bridge this skatepark is famous for appearing in video games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. In addition to the film “Free Willy”. It was born as the idea of two skaters and is now open as a public park.



Stoke Plaza (England)

Located in the English town of Stoke-on-Trent is one of the largest skateparks in Europe. It invested half a million pounds in the project that reaches 3,200 square meters. It has safe areas where those who don’t dare to skate can observe the spectacle.



SMP Skatepark (Shanghai, China)

This skatepark offers the largest vertical ramp and largest concrete container in the world. It also has a stadium for 5,000 spectators. With almost 13,000 square meters is the largest skatepark in China. Due to its international recognition that every year it hosts the international competition of skateboard called “Showdown”..



Stapelbaddsparken Skatepark (Malmo, Sweden)

Become the venue for the Bowlriders Quicksilver Cup has deserved a place in our list. Its slopes, ramps, bowls, stairs… make it an ideal stop if you plan to visit Sweden with your skateboard..



Marseille Skatepark (France)

This skatepark, built in 1991, is famous all over the world. Located near the beach of Vieille Chapelle you can enjoy the skate and the sea, if you decide to include it in your trip. Appeared in the video game Pro Skater Tony Hawk 2 which helped to increase its popularity.



The Skate church (Asturias, Spain)

Finally we must mention one of the most spectacular skatepark of all, not for its size but for being built inside an old church. The Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel gives life to the walls making it a perfect place to practice skateboarding.


After this list you are ready to travel the world with your skateboard! Do you know any other skatepark that we should include? Leave it in comments on our social networks.


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