Surfing is a sport that is practiced practically all over the world, it has become a world culture but… Where did it originate? Who were the first people to ride on a board to sail the sea?

If you also ask these questions from Minimum Boards we will try to answer them. We bring you a bit of surfing history … ready?

The beginning of surf

It is not possible to specify precisely in what date this sport came about, there are no native written documents to clarify this matter. The first real testimony comes from Captain Cook’s crew in Hawaii in 1767. Although some sources speak of testimonies of European travelers who observed the sport before in some places.

So it is in Hawaii that we get the first real data from men who surfed the seas. The Hawaiian name for surf was he’enalu and the chiefs of the most powerful tribes had the best boards to practice it. In addition, the best beaches were reserved for the noble class, prohibiting the access of the other people.

The accounts of Captain Cook’s crew explained how men in their 20s and 30s entered the water on their boards waiting for the wave of major.

In the year 1821, Scottish and German missionaries began to arrive to those places and decided to prohibit that sport for being immoral. As a result, by the end of the nineteenth century the surf had almost completely disappeared. But with the intervention of the descendants of the Hawaiian kings everything was going to return to normal. These descendants resumed the customs of their ancestors and they entered again in the sea to surf, Luckily ! We must mention that among these descendants was Duke Kahanamoku who is considered the father of modern surfing.

However, surf culture as we know it does not appear until the arrival of 1959, when films and music themes were launched that launched this sport to the world. The film Gidget was one of the first elements that drove this fashion.

The first boards to appear were longboards, in the early 1960s. 10 or 20 years later, shortboards began to be manufactured, which peaked in the 1990s.

And to this day this sport continues to grow and expand all over the world. From Minimum Boards we thank the person who took the first step and entered to the sea.

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