We know that finding the perfect wave is not easy. So in today’s post we are going to review the most spectacular waves in the world. We help you to know where to start looking for your own perfect wave.

Mundaka (País Vasco, Spain)

This magnificent wave breaks along a sandbank that forms at the mouth of the Ria de Uradiba, protected by UNESCO. The 300-meter wave is in the fishing village of Mundaka and is a perfect wave to start our list.

Pipeline (Ohau, Hawaii)

One of the most mythical waves in the world, being a little left but with a very fast right called Backdoor. Breaking on a coral reef presents one of the largest tubes ever and is considered one of the most dangerous waves.

Teahupoo (Tahiti)

It is the most violent and dreaded. It forms 700 meters offshore on a crescent reef that creates a spectacular left wave. These waves are usually around 10 feet high.

Jeffreys Bay (South Africa)

It is the most popular African wave and one of the longest in the world, counting with 500 meters of route. It is considered easy to surf, but very difficult to surf in the right way.

Arica (Chile)

We can find many waves of quality in Chile, but the wave called “the Gringo” stands out on all of them. Breaking both right and left on rock bottom becomes something worth seeing.


Other waves we can mention and are just as spectacular are: SuperBank (Australia), Uluwatu (Bali), Puerto Escondido (Mexico), Bells Beach (Australia), Mavericks (California)… All you have to do is pick up your board and surf all these waves. If you have your personalized miniature board do not forget to take it when surfing in these magnificent places. Remember to follow us on social networks!


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