Skateboard and Surf in the upcoming Olympic Games

In 2020, the International Olympic Committee has unanimously approved the incorporation of skateboarding and surfing at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. In addition, other sports such as karate, climbing, baseball return and the female version of softball. However, do not ensure the continuity of these sports in consecutive games, the city that makes the games has the option to choose the categories they want.

Efforts have been made to preserve the unity of the Olympic Games and not to unbalance the program. Toshiro Muto, executive director of Tokyo 2020 claimed some reasons why they have accepted these two sports: “skateboarding adapts perfectly to Tokyo-style” and “surfing is a very popular sport all over the world.”

In 2009, the Brazilian Surf Federation made the official request to include surfing in the 2016 Brazilian Olympics. Finally, it was denied and surpassed by two other sports: golf and rugby.

But this year we have achieved it!


Of these new modalities there are still some data to clarify. What we already know is that the surf will be made with natural and not artificial waves. This could be a problem if the day of the olympic competition, there are not waves. It will compete with short board and allow 40 gold women and men to surf lovers.

The skateboard will include modalities such as the street and park, stunts in bathtubs … In this modality 80 Olympic athletes will compete in events to attract the youth.


These modalities have been included to modernize the image of the Olympic games and bring these to the youth. Do you think it is a good idea? Leave us your comment on social networks and follow us to keep abreast of all the news about Olympic Games in surf and skateboard.



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