“Sea”, “sand”, “sun”, “freedom”, “emotion” … are just some of the labels we can put on surfing, although we know that it is much more than that and that even true celebrities are lovers of this sport Do you want to know which?

We already talked to you in another post about what the surfer style consists of and what brands were inspired by this sport (Surfer fashion. Part I, do you remember?). Well, today we wanted to tell you what is the lifestyle of a real surfer and what celebrities also practice surfing and live it in the purest style… surely you will be surprised.

Surfing lifestyleSurf-friends-beach-necklace-wooden-miniature-Minimumboards

Let us guess: we bet you think that the life of a surfer is basically being all day on the beach, surfing without stopping and toasting in the sun… the great life, right? Well, we are sorry to say that the life of a surfer is more than that and that it requires a great involvement and attention to the environment.

  1. Knowledge of the environment and the ocean: it is important to know the type of wind and what are the best conditions for surfing. It is also important to take care of the environment and be responsible for the waste.
  2. Healthy life: we talk about both exercise and food, although we do a lot of exercise in the water, it is also important to give the body a rest and even interspersed with sports outside of it. Food is essential because our body will need much more energy.
  3. Respect for others: both, inside and outside the water. There are many more people who share your same hobby and, fortunately, the sea is very big so that we can all surf. The same in the sand, attention how we leave our things before getting into the water, it is not necessary to disturb others with T-shirts or other flying objects.
  4. Travel: investigate other beaches, find out where else there are giant waves. You will meet new and wonderful places, so get out there!
  5. Be yourself: first of all remember that you surf for fun, so do not follow others, train and improve at your own pace and if you need to rest for a few days, rest! The beach will always be there waiting for you.

Celebrities who also surf

Chris Hemsworth is possibly one of the best known actors for his love of surfing, as well as his brother, Liam. And, along with him, Gerard Butler, Cameron DIaz, Matthew McConaughey and David Beckham have also been encouraged. However, as soon as we inquire a bit, we can see that artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, launched with this sport. And in Spain? Well, in this case it is Miguel Ángel Silvestre who confessed to feel a weakness for this sport in the interview for Men’s Health Spain.

As you can see, today we have shown you another side of surfing: what it means to be a surfer and that celebrities also feel the call of the sea. Without abandoning of course fashion and style and that is what we want in Minimum Boards, that you do not abandon your unique style while practicing the sport that you like the most. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to choose your wooden accessory in miniature in the format that you like: bracelet, necklace or keychain; as well as the kind of wood and sport that fascinates you the most. Oh, and do not forget to follow us on social networks to keep up to date with the latest news!


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