Surfing for some is just a sport, for others a lifestyle. It has derived what we can know as surfer style or just surfer of which today we are going to speak in the sense of fashion itself.

Yes, surfing is not just the sport of a few, it is also a style when dressing, a fashion that never passes, only evolves. Today we’re going to talk about surfer fashion, so if you’re interested in surfing, practicing or being part of your day to day, keep reading… this publication will interest you.

  1. What the surfer style consists of

From the strict point of view of fashion, the surfer style is characterized by being colorful, presenting aquatic motifs and tropical prints. It is true that there are no fixed rules when we talk about fashion, but it can not be denied that the surfer style is unique.

As for the most popular items that every lover of surfing is bound to have in his closet are:

  • Bikinis and swimsuits, it’s much better if it’s very colorful and patternedsurf-beach-fashion-tshirt-swimsuit-bracelet-wood-Minimumboards
  • T-shirts and shorts with stripes, ethnic style, colors also warm or smooth
  • Steamy dresses, long or short, does not matter. Comfort is first of all the main thing
  • Flip-flops, a basic in your wardrobe that can not miss
  • Canvas or sneakers are the most outstanding, they are also ideal for good weather and going for a walk.

On the other hand, the essential accessories are:

  • Sunglasses, another basic essential (remember sunscreen)
  • Caps with polyester mesh better
  • Necklaces and leather bracelets, with surfer details in wood and shells.

Regarding the hair the more natural and wavy the better and if you add some blond highlights, even more. Finally, a tanned skin is ideal as long as you are lucky enough to live near the beach and the good weather is with you.

2. Brands that were inspired by surf

There are many brands that have been inspired by surfing to develop different collections, so today we will only mention some of them. To start, we can find Havaianas, a brand of flip flops, espadrilles, sunglasses, backpacks, etc., that is, especially accessories. Also Nike is inspired by this sport for sweatshirts, swimsuits, tights, and beachwear. On the other hand, Billabong also follows the line of Nike and in different collections. Roxy is also one of the best known in terms of surfer fashion, along with O’Neill. And finally, other brands such as Lacoste or Vans, could not resist drawing lines inspired by this water sport. Surfing is no longer just surfers.


As we can see, surfing has overcome barriers, it is not only present on the beach, in the sea and the waves, now it is a trend, a trend that has no end. This is also our mission, to offer surfers accessories that you always wear to fashion and, to make it more personal, you can choose the wooden models: mahogany, ebony, amaranth, exotic types of wood; and the format: necklace, bracelet or key ring. What are you waiting for? Go to our store and follow us on social networks, we are interested in your opinion and what you like most and inspires in this water sport.



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