Many times parents are reluctant to let children start at an early age to practice water board sports, such as surfing, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, among others. Today, we want to tell you what benefits these sports bring to children.

Our body is composed mostly of water, so it works very well with it. If you have ever thought about teaching your child to surf or you want to start surfing but you are not sure at all, Minimum Boards will tell you what these surf sports can bring to your child and some precautions you should take.

At what age can my child start practicing these sports?

It is recommended that children first begin to familiarize themselves with the sea and the environment and always in the company of parents. And from the age of four they can already learn the basics in a surf school, under the supervision of qualified professionals and teachers. However, the most advisable thing is that they go completely into this world from the age of eight,at least.


What are the benefits of surfing my son?

  1. Exercise for the whole body: it is a very complete sport that makes different muscles work, in addition to toning.
  2. Development of other skills: such as balance, the ability to float, as well as knowing how to swim. It is very good especially for them to learn to swim and not to fear the sea.
  3. Awareness of the environment: from childhood they know and learn to value, care for and respect the environment. Due to this continuous contact with nature, they learn to adapt to different weather and situational conditions.
  4. Cognitive abilities: this type of sports favor their concentration, reduce stress and hyperactivity and release adrenaline. It also favors self-improvement.
  5. Travel and meet people: there are different schools spread across the country and so do competitions. Surfing is the perfect excuse to travel, to know different places, as well as children of his age who, like him, are beginning surfing. In addition, it allows them to meet great surfers and motivate them to continue surpassing themselves.

Is not it too much pressure to combine surfing with school?

Luckily, we can practice this sport throughout the year, so it is a good extracurricular activity for them that will also help them learn to organize themselves and to order their priorities. However, we recommend that you practice as long as he can enjoy both his studies and this sport, so we can be promoting the appearance of stress and anxiety if it’s not like that, which is unadvisable at all.


Do you have any more questions that have been overlooked? Do not hesitate to contact us through our social networks, we are at your entire disposal! Also, if you decide to point your child to surfing, we recommend that you talk to the school to see what it has to offer.

Finally, we want your child to have a memory that marks this new stage of his life. What is that? We offer you our wooden accessories in the form of a bracelet, necklace and keychain. You can choose the one that best suits him and the style that you like the most. You have different sports to choose from and different models, it can also be something you both share!


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