Do you like to be in touch with nature? Do you like speed? Is your second home the sea or the street? Do you like to slide on the asphalt or surf in the sea? In short, do you surfing or skating?

Summer has already arrived, the good weather is definitely here and it’s here to stay. For someone, it means going back to the beach, which means spending hours in the water too, catching waves until night falls; for others, it’s free time, tour the streets of the city and go to places which has to be discovered yet. For Minimum Boards, summer is one of the best times of the year, and what about you? What is summer for you? Tell us about it in our social networks, we want to know your opinion.

On the one hand, to celebrate also the surfing day (June 20) and the skateboarding day (June 21), we will also dedicate this publication to these two sports of many followers. In addition, precisely in summer is when many prefer to start a new and different sport or simply got back it, is that your case? On the other hand, although they are very different sports, today we want to put the white flag and show you a comparison of these two board sports:


Once the comparison is made, are they really so different? Both are equally great and, despite being very different, they have some coincidences, we have brought you a few today, did you know them all? If you prefer surfing or skateboarding, we encourage you to discover more about the other one, you will see that they are fascinating in all their aspects.

Precisely that fascination is what leads us to Minimum Boards to create our miniature wooden boards of different boardss sports, that we want to offer you in a very delicate format: as a message in a bottle. A product for skateboarders, surfers, riders, etc. Are you going to run out of yours? Come by our store and discover the models that we offer in different formats in necklace, bracelet and key chain. Also, tell us through social networks what is your favorite sport and why, and follow us to not miss any news!



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