Today snowboarding is a sport that has many followers around the world. The number of fans has been increasing gradually.

If you want to try to get on a snowboard and slide in the snow, keep reading! From Minimum Boards we show you the basics you should know and the tricks you can start practicing.

There are some issues that we need to talk about before we get into the snow. After equipping properly and taking our snowboard, we must identify which foot is the dominant (left or right handed). If you are right-handed (goofy), the right leg will go ahead; if you are left-handed (regular) the left will be first.

You are already willing to launch yourself to make turns and tricks, but you should familiarise yourself with the board before. Look for a level surface and place the front foot in the holder, leaving the back foot free. Go sliding into the snow like you are on a skateboard, take a impulse with the loose leg and keep it steady to the snowboard when you are sliding.

For your first slides you always have your legs semi-flexed. If you practice with your legs straight, you will not stand too long on the board! The shoulders will be the ones that lead you from side to side. Once we are sliding, we will have to practice how to accelerate and slow down, learn to control the angle of inclination of the board and to make gravity play in your favor.

When we already control the landslides, it is time to stop on a flat surface and try to make jumps and turns in the site. Try to always land with your knees semi-flexed!, this will help you in future maneuvers.

beginning-snowboard-minimum boards

Now all you have to do is practice jumping and turning on a sloping surface and gradually increasing the slope of the terrain, so you will master more techniques. Once you have learned all the essential maneuvers you will be prepared to start practicing more complicated trick. Good luck!

You can take your miniature snowboard with you while you immerse yourself in the adventure of becoming a snowboarder. Did you have a hard time mastering the techniques?


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