Skateboarding has not stopped revolutionizing us all from the moment it emerged. Over the years it has become a way of life, a form of expression that we could define in two words: freedom and authenticity. Be yourself.

When we talk about skateboarding, we are probably talking about one of the most played board sports with the most followers. Which would not be surprising since it is more accessible from the economic point of view, it attracts both the young and old people, offers many possibilities since with a skate and a surface on which to skate (from a street to a skatepark) you do not need anything else to enjoy it. He has become so ingrained that he has even created his own style.

1. What is skater fashion


If we look at any skater we will see that each one has a very different style. They do not dress exactly the same, but they do have similarities. So, today we will use the experiences, the photos taken of skaters and the social networks themselves, to define a bit the skater style and see what they have in common when dressing:

  • Pants: wide or tight? There is a greater preference for wide pants, especially jeans.
  • T-shirts and shirts: there is no discussion here, the shirts are always oversize and very comfortable.
  • Sports: one of the features you will find in sports will be the flat, smooth and rubber sole.
  • Caps: are five panels and you can find many types and models, yes, they do not usually have polyester mesh.
  • Accessories: watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets … you choose which ones you want to take, of what type and how many you want to carry.

And what about the colors of the clothes? Like the accessories, it’s your choice. If you prefer to opt for plain pants and printed shirts, it is a good option; If you choose to wear all the clothes in plain colors, too. The possibilities are infinite! Of course, nobody gets rid of the prints! The designs are endless and you have applied to all the accessories and all the clothes, including your skate.

2. Brands that were inspired by skateboarding

This sport has not gone unnoticed even for clothing brands. There are some who even used their theme for their catwalks, as in the case of Dior and its fall-winter collection of 2016 for men. Also, brands like Nike has decided to take out a subdivision dedicated only to skateboarding, we talk about Nike SB. Of course, we must mention the famous Vans brand whose most important market is dedicated to this sport; and Converse, who has not been left behind either. And so we could continue to name brands. Finally, we can find thousands of brands dedicated only to this sport. In Asia they are on the rise and today we can find models that are increasingly original and dedicated only to passionate skaters like you.


Yes, there is no doubt that skateboarding has come very far, it has even sneaked into our closet. Minimum Boards we must plead guilty, since our wooden accessories with miniature boards are also inspired by this sport. As comfort is also one of our bases, we give you the opportunity to choose the model you want: necklace, bracelet and key ring. Which one will you choose?


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