Surfboard, Snowboard and Skateboard in miniature

These are handmade boards and made to scale of real size boards. Ours are miniature replica boards used for water, snow and asphalt.

Water: There are three specific boards for surfing: shortboard, longboard and fishboard.

  • Longboarders were the first to be made for surfing. They are used by surfers looking for a specific style and sensations, typical of this board. They are the modern replicas of the first surfboards and with it you can catch practically any type of wave. Longboards are not for beginners who want to learn to surf because it requires some skill to rotate..
  • The shortboards became famous in 1966 when Robert Nat Young proclaimed champion of the world with one of these boards. This event shifted the longboard from one year to the next. These boards are reserved for experienced surfers due to it provides great speed and grip.
  • The fishboards are ideal for intermediate levels as they make it easy to paddle and surf. This board is designed for small and medium waves with little force and is perfect to be used when the waves are not of very good quality.

Other board sports that are practiced on the water, such as bodyboarding or wakeboarding, also have their miniature avaliable.

  • Bodyboards are used to move or slide along the wall of the wave. These boards are made mostly of polyethylene or polypropylene. Their size may vary depending on the weight and height of the rider. This sport arose about 1900 and it was Tom Morey the first to travel the waves to the bodyboard style and to design a proper board for this sport. Tom was a surfboard builder and mathematician. One day in 1971, when the sea was perfect for surfing, Tom realized that he did not have any surfboards to jump into the sea. That’s how he got to work and built the first bodyboard.
  • The wakeboard type is used in the sport of the same name. This sport came from a combination of skiing, water skiing and snowboarding. Its appearance was about 1980 but it is not clear who was its inventor. It is thought to have emerged simultaneously in different parts of the world, so it would not have a single parent! The boards are sturdy, the center is usually made of foam mixed with resin and wrapped with fiberglass.

Perhaps you like the mountain more and you are excited about snow sports, or you may consider the asphalt your terrain. If either case represents you, look for the miniature boards of snowboard and skateboard.

  • Snowboards move on a snow slope and this sport is considered an extreme winter sport. The first evidence of snowboarding is from the year 1910, but it was not until 1965 when something like the first snowboard was marketed. The snowboard is the main piece of equipment used in this sport. It is a board designed to be fastened under the feet by means of fixations and that allows you to slide by the snow tracks. Most snowboards are built with a core of laminated wood with fiberglass.
  • On the other hand, the type skateboard is used in skateboarding and are boards with wheels to allow the displacement on the cement. This sport arose in the state of California for the years 1960 and 1970. The main reason for the creation of the skateboard is based on the replacement of the surfboard on land. The earliest designs of these consisted of only one piece of wood altered with mainly roller skates.

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