Surfing is only for young people, snowboarding is an expensive sport, skateboarding is only handled by a few… have you ever considered some of these issues? This entry will interest you

Many aspects of our life are surrounded by myths that we create by what someone tell us, what we see and imagine or by preconceived ideas. Minimum Boards will now dismantle some of the myths which surround board sports.


1. In surf there are no rules of priority, as soon as you see a wave, you have to go for it
2. The type of wheels of the tables are determinated according to the model of table
3. Board sports can only be learned when you are young
4. Sports like surfing can only be practiced in winter
5. Skateboarding consists of knowing how to move with a board and performing certain tricks
6. Board sports are expensive
7. You control board sports soon or they are not your sport
8. If you practice a table sport you must follow a strict diet.


1. In surfing there are some rules of priority that we must respect. Click on the following explanatory image to know them:


2. You have to take into account both the type of board and the place where we are going to skate. Therefore, we can find wheels of different sizes, as well as different hardness.

Four skateboards offers you some advises to choose correctly the wheels of your skateboard.

3. The schools offer courses adapted to the age of each one. Many times the trick to getting them to be simpler to perform is a good motivation (a prize, a goal, etc.)


4. You can surf both, in winter and in summer. In fact, there are people for whom rain and cold is not an impediment to doing what they like. Chris Burkard, a surf photographer, tells of his experience surfing in the Arctic in his paper The joy of surfing in ice-cold water for the TED organization, stating:



Even with swolllen lips, sunken eyes, and cheeks flushed reds… I have found that this place right here is somewhere I can find great joy.

However, if you prefer surfing in more favorable climates, there are some tips for staying fit, even during the winter.


5. For skateboarding lovers, this is not to know how to do tricks with the board, but to make them own, give them a personal touch and even develop new ones. That is, contribute to this sport, as John Rodney Mullen, states in his conference Pop An ollie and innovate  for the organization TED too:


They tend to be outsiders (skaters), who seek a sense of belonging, but belonging on their own terms. And real respect is given by how much we take what other guys do these basic tricks, 360 flips, we take that, we make it our own, and then, we contribute back to the community. […] The summation of that is: give us something we could achieve as an individual.

6. It is true that many table sports, only the material can become quite expensive (and more if we add the money of the classes). Once, we have it dominated, you can practice where and when you want.

7. Board sports can only be mastered with practice, so if at first you do not get to fully dominate your board, do not get too tired! It is normal. After all, the key to success in any sport is to practice, practice and practice.

8. As any sport you will always need to take care of your diet, and even if you dedicate to it in a professional way, you may need to follow some kind of special diet as the body wears a lot. Now, as long as you practice some of these sports for pure enjoyment you can eat what you want (always in moderation). And remember to moisturize yourself!

Tip: Taking fruits that contain a high content of glucose, such as dates or raisins, both during rest and after exercise, will make you recover a lot of energy and perform better.


Did you like our post today? Did you already know some of these myths? Tell us about social networks and, if you want your necklace, bracelet or wooden keyring with the table of your favorite sport, do not forget to stop by our store!


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