If you are a true passionate about surfing you will surely have to plan more than once to do a road trip and go out in search of the best waves. Stop thinking about it! 

If you are going to plan your road trip this year, Minimum Boards want to make it unforgettable. So we will comment some of the things that, for us, will make your trip a perfect one.

Plan the perfect Road Trip


The first thing to plan our surf trip is to start with the basics, without a transport that fits our needs everything can become more complicated. We definitely bet on caravans or vans, they offer you that extra space to put all your surfing accessories and invite a few friends to share the experience! If you do not have any, on the internet you can find places to rent one that fits your budget.


We recommend you to plan the accessories that will accompany you on your trip. In addition, we do not want to leave the basics, but do not take things that will prevent us from making better use of space. We can give you a list of things that are essential in any surf trip.

  • Basic luggage: be sure to bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, enough water and food to bite down the road, a tent (if you plan to sleep outside the caravan), repellent for mosquitoes and of course, your board and surfing equipment!
  • Proper documentation: this includes the passport, medical records, driving license, papers and car insurance… Taking everything in order will avoid complications, and if there is any setback you will be much calmer.
  • Entertainment: do not forget to update your list of music, take your camera to remember the trip… anything that makes your trip more enjoyable. Be careful and when you are driving do not get distracted with anything!
  • A route and travel guides: you can launch into the adventure and let yourself go, or plan your trip in advance. Whatever your choice, we recommend you take maps or have the GPS with your mobile phone always nearby. So if you get lost it will be much easier to find the right path.



Now that you have everything ready and tucked into your caravan it’s time to get going. Investigate the beaches that offer the best waves. Remember to avoid tolls to save money and bring the tank always full. We recommend that if you want to sleep in nature, do it in places that are prepared for it. Surely you find camping on your own can be an unnecessary risk.

You only have to enjoy the surf without worries, surrounded by nature and with good company. Few plans can offer you so much.

Don’t forget to share your surf trip with us. See you on social networks!


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