The good weather, the heat, the beach and the desire to keep us in shape even in summer leads us to practice different and, above all, aquatic sports. Kitesurfing has all these qualities and more, would you encourage it to practice it?

Kitesurfing is the perfect combination of surfing and paragliding. To know better, we will give you a small guide and we will start from the beginning, its origin, and then we will explain which are the necessary materials. To finish we will give you some tips to get started in this sport. However, we recommend caution: once you start it is very possible that you can not leave it, it can be addictive!


Kitesurfing did not arise as such from the beginning, but it evolved until arriving at what we know as kitesurfing itself, starting with the kite:

13th century. The kite.-

The Chinese were the first to use it to send messages across the Mongolian borders.

1977. The idea of ​​kitesurfing is patented.-

Gilbertus Panhuise was inspired by water skiing when it occurred to him why not use a windsurf board instead of skis for surfing.

80s.- Kitesurf takes shape.-

During the 80s the first television appearance of what was going to be the current kitesurf took place, we talked about Andreas Kuhn, who surfed the waves with a wakeboard and a paraglider. Later, the design of the wings and tables was deepened to improve the experience.

End of the 90s.- Kitesurfing comes to the shops.-

The boards of this sport began to be commercialized thanks to the F-ONE brand and, in just one year, the first kitesurf competition took place. The first of many later…



As always, our publications are a guide so we recommend you always to consult with professionals as they can guide you in more detail. We also recommend that if you start practicing kitesurf hire the material, it will always be cheaper than if you buy a new one, and better care than if you buy it second hand.

1. Kite.-

There are different types of kites (of different surface, with lines, inflatables, etc.) and that are more suitable according to our condition, the type of wind, the maneuvers, etc.

2. The bars.-

It is recommended that they be purchased from the same brand as the kite to avoid having to adjust it and adapt it.

3. The tables-

When choosing the board you have to take into account the weight, style and level of the surfer. Like kites, it also varies according to the type of wind, the maneuvers, etc.

4. The harnesses.-

There are two options: seat or waist harnesses. Like the rest of the materials, you have to take into account the size according to your level, your constitution, etc.

5. The neoprene.-

As the rest of the materials, the neoprene suit is important because not only influence on the core temperature, but it also prevent absorb the impacts and possible skin lesions.

SOME TIPS TO BEGIN TO MAKE KITESURFSurfers-articles-miniature-kitesurf-bracelet-MinimumBoards

  • Caution first. It is important to know the type of wind to know when the best conditions to practice this sport are produced.
  • Go accompanied. You never know what can happen, so we recommend you always be accompanied. In addition, it will motivate you even more!
  • Start with a monitor. It is not recommended that you start alone, go to a monitor that can help you.
  • Use the helmet. Very important no matter how skilled you may be. The sea is unpredictable.

If you want to know more about kitesurfing, we recommend Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide by Ian Currer and Kitesurfing: s’initier & progresser by Eric Beaudonnat, which you can read online.

We hope with this post you have illustrated what is kitesurfing and what has encouraged you to practice it, so tell us in social networks and tell us what you think about this little guide. We also encourage you to get your miniature wooden board, remember! You have them in three formats: necklace, bracelet and key chain. Accessories for athletes like you that you can wear at any occasion and event!


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