For many people, the arrival of the New Year means a new beginning, a start of something new and different. And you, are you one of those who always prepare his New Year’s resolutions?

If you are one of those who decide to overcome and to give yourself a step beyond with the arrival of the New Year, to visit new places or even to try a different sport… Have you ever thought about trying surf, snowboard or skateboard? Your moment has come, why not? It is a new year, why not starting a new sport?

So, first of all we recommend you to pay attention, the injuries are not a joke. Because of that we are going to give you a series of advices too, like reminders if you are going to begin a sport specially an extreme sport:

  1. Consults before a professional: it is necessary that before beginning you speak with a professional in order that he gives you all the indications and advices to bearing in mind. Nonetheless, if you want to start reading by your own and to get a bit of information, we recommend you to read our posts Snowboarding tricks for beginners or Beginner’s guide to surfing.
  2. Suitable material: you can have the advice from a professional specialized in this type of sports. For example, go to a shop where you can rent the necessary material, sure that they can advise you of which it is the best. Also we give you some indications about The necessary material to practice snowboard and 5 Tips for choosing your snowboard.
  3. Dawn-beach-workout-MinimumBoardsPhysical training: the cardiovascular or flexibility, strengthening legs, back and abdominal, as well as balance exercises are essential, depending on the sport that you choose (if you want to avoid injuries).
  4. Previous preparation: there are sports, as surfing, which you need a previous preparation out of the water before going on directly to the action. Because of that, you find out about magisterial classes or courses that they should introduce you well in these sports.
  5. Be constant: it could be very hard and demanding. The key is the training and the effort. So, do not lose heart! At the end, you will be the king and will dominate it.
  6. Balanced meals: these sports carry bigger burning calories than the normal one, so our body will ask us more for food. Nevertheless, it isn’t necessary gluttonies; you have to eat in a balanced way. In fact, already we speak to you about it in The food in the surf. Throw a glimpse!

First of all he thinks that you are doing something that indeed you like or that always you have wanted to try to do, the personal satisfaction is one of the most important things, as well as it is our health too. In addition, we recommend you to do it with the best style. Our complements of wood are always going to remind you why you decided to begin with this sport or to take again it. They are not only bracelets, necklaces or key ring, they are symbols of special moments that always are going to accompany you no matter where you go. You begin this year of the best way with your table Minimum Boards or do another person does it, giving him one of our tables. Begin a new sport always it is easier with good company.



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