The world constantly changes , and with it, the surfers. The surf is a sport that marks the life of many people and, some of them, even they make it part of his another work. 

The labels. That one who identifies us, does not matter the aspect of our life that marks us, but there they are. Nevertheless, many people do not want to be identified by only one thing, they want to be different and to do what they like the most. So, we are going to speak about four persons who to his label of surfer, they added his another profession and great passion:

  • Andy Crière: he is the first one that is described himself as a surfer, but if we look a bit farther, we can discover that  he is actually much more. Andy Crière is a clear example of which the profession, up to the most creative, can be combined with our major passion, in this case, the surf. This 22-year-old young person, who began with the bodyboard and later he felt the call of his companion, the surf. He show this in his documentaries where we can see him showing his big qualities in this sport. Do you want to see it? You can do it now:
  • Kévin Lestrade: another example that demonstrates that it is possible to combine sport with studies is Kévin Lestrade. Not only he has studied in different schools and institutes, but also he realized a mechanics / roboticaldoctorate. Finally, he founded the school Hackschooling And Innovation Institute, in Hossegor (New Aquitaine, France), that guides the pupils in order that their studies and the surf are compatible, from year 6-7 to year 13, more or less. The aim of this school is to allow to these young surfers to develop other projects in the future without leaving of side that one that more motivates them:

  • Jules Colin: if you do not know his name, probably you will know the brand Tribord. Exactly, Jules Colin is an engineer product of this one and, as a great lover of the surf, is employed, among other things, at the improvement of the suits of surfers. Another great example that demonstrates that not only the surf is an aquatic sport:

  • Lee-Ann Curren: finally, but very important we introduce you to Lee-Ann Curren, a surfer who dedicates her life to the music. In fact, her love for the music comes since she was a pre-teen more or least and that she led her later to wanting to realize her own single. Her passion for the surf has led her to realizing also shorts practising this sport, managing to inform even in the International Surf Film Festival of 2017. 

It is necessary to be faithful to oneself and to go for that one that we like the most and that ultimately forms a part of us by some way or another. Because of that, the miniature tables Minimum Boards is the suitable complement for any event: elegant, different and unique. They are only some of its characteristics. Leaves that your sport: bodyboard, snowboard, surf, skate or the wakeboard, form a part of your day after day, as well as a part of your more special occasions. Are you going to leave them to escape?




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