In Minimum Boards we have a very particular way of packaging our products, making them perfect to give away… like messages in a bottle! 

Being this format part of our packaging we were curious and looked for the story behind these “messages in bottles”.


Message in a bottle

If you are lucky enough to find a bottle stranded on the beach its content may surprise you, inside you can hide from stories and confessions of love to stories of shipwrecks. For many years these messages were the only method the lost shipwrecked had of asking for help. Some of these bottles are found, others are lost and never reach the coast.

A well-sealed bottle can sail the seas for many years without suffering damage. So we wonder what is the oldest message thrown into the sea?

Serving diverse sources, the oldest message found to date was released more than 109 years ago. The woman who found him, Marianne Winkler, spent his vacation on a German island of Amrum when on one of his walks he observed something on the seashore, who would think that it was a bottle with message of more than 100 years! The Guinness Book of Records was quick to record the fact.

According to The Guardian, the message comes from a marine biologist, George Parker Bidder, who threw more than a thousand bottles into the sea in the southern part of the North Sea in 1906. Many of the bottles were found shortly after their launch by fishermen and sailors. This bottle was part of an experiment to check ocean currents.

This time the story has not been so exciting.


But we can tell you a couple of stories that are going to be more exciting:

The case that most strikes us is that of Chunosuke Marsuyama, a Japanese sailor who was shipwrecked in 1784. This sailor wrote his story on a piece of wood that threw the sea into a bottle shortly before dying. The bottle was travelling for the sea during 151 years. In 1935, it has arrived at the coasts of the town where Chunosuke was born. A shocking chance!

We can also find stories of the most romantic, such as the story of Pauline and Ake Viking. Ake, a young Swedish sailor, threw a bottle into the sea, asking any girl who found her to write him a message back. Paulina’s father, who found the bottle on the coast of Sicily, gave it to his daughter to continue what he thought was a joke. Nothing is further from reality! Two years later Paulina and Ake ended up marrying.

After all these stories from Minimum Boards, we want to send you some of the excitement surrounding the messages in the bottle. Visit our website and follow us on social networks!


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