“What material should I buy my surfboard? Which is the best for me? And which one is the best for the environment? “Be honest, how many times have you asked yourself these questions?

These are some of the questions that many of us ask ourselves when we are going to buy a surfboard. In addition to this, we are demanding and we want it to be light, stable, flexible, of good quality, of a good price … In short, make it the perfect table for us.

As always we recommend that in these cases you consult a specialist who can not only ask you all the doubts that hover in your head, but guide and advise you according to your level and experience. Something essential, especially when you first start surfing and you have no idea where to start and Internet in the end can confuse us even more. Google can offer us a lot of information, very useful, but very varied and numerous, in this case, we can find very useful information about surfboard materials, about its components and even very varied opinions.


One of the main concerns of users today is that the materials that make up a board are respectful of the environment and at the same time not harmful to society. Surely at this point the term “microplastic” will come to mind, but when we talk about surfing, it is more common to hear about “polystyrene foam”, “fiberglass” or “epoxy”. Well, you should know that yes, these are the most common materials used in the manufacture of surfboards, but which is better? Unfortunately, even the experts themselves do not agree because each presents a series of fairly convincing features.

Then, we are going to present you some of them and we will tell you which are the most respectful with the environment, precisely with Nature’s Day already here, we could have had a better chance:


These are just some of the aspects to consider about the materials used to make surfboards. Now is your time to decide which one you prefer, although as we have said before, it is best to also consult a professional. Also we want you to tell us through social networks which of these materials you prefer if you already decided on a table or what kind of materials you would like to try.

Finally, we want to tell you about the materials we use in Minimum Boards for our wooden and miniature surfboards. As what concerns us the most is ecology, our boards are made of 100% wood and of different types: Amazonian amaranth, African ebony, Pacific mahogany and other types of exotic woods. Which one are you going to choose? Come by our store and choose the model that you like.



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