Winter is the best season of the year for snowboarding. The ideal time to make that trip with your friends to the snow, but … what do I have to take?

Perhaps this doubt has arisen for you, because we want to help you in choosing the equipment that you should wear and we want to give you some tips that will be of great help.

The most essential is the clothes, you must choose the right ones to enjoy to the maximum your trip. One recommendation is to equip yourself with three layers of clothing. The first layer should maintain body temperature and be breathable, to expel sweat. The second is designed to warm the body and expel moisture- And the third one protects against wind and moisture. For example, a suitable clothing choice would be a thermal or antisurve t-shirt, a fleece lining and an anorak.

Following with the accessories, below we will make a list of the essential things that you must take in your trip.

  • Helmet: not required, but advisable to maintain the safety of the snowboarder. In addition, it will serve to keep you warm, something you will be grateful for.
  • Suitable gloves and socks: this is a must. They should not be made of wool because they make us sweat and increase the sensation of cold. The socks should be high and of medium thickness.
  • Sunglasses: normal or blizzard. It is very important to keep our eyes protected with approved eyeglasses since the luminosity of the tracks where we practice snowboarding can not damage the eyes.
  • Cap: a cap or a ribbon helps protect the ears and keep them warm.
  • Sun protection: a minimum of factor 15 sun cream to avoid burns.

Let’s not forget the snowboard! There are many types of board and many issues to keep in mind when choosing the perfect table for you. The height, the weight, the size of the foot … you should seek advice from a professional so you do not go wrong in choosing the table.


Finally, fasteners and boots of which there are three types: soft, hard or step-in. You should choose, as with the table, the ones that best suit your needs.

Remember that if you are excited about getting your Minimum miniature board you can take it with you wherever you want, even on your snow trip! With all the equipment selected we can only take our snowboard, and get going! Do you have a snow trip planned ? Tell us and follow us on social networks.


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