September is a month that makes all of us a little crazy. It’s time to go back to school, to work and to the routine and we have so many things to do that it is impossible to free up for sport, or maybe not?

If returning to the routine was not hard enough, autumn is about to arrive which means that it changes the time, the days are shorter and it starts to get colder. September, what do you want from us?!

It is true that it is very sad to say goodbye to summer, but if we think about it in a calm and collected way, sports can make us cope better with this return to routine. Think about it, you see old colleagues and friends again, some with whom you have not even heard from them during all summer and you only see them on the beach or in the skatepark. Also, remember that winter is getting closer, which means snow and slopes to ski ad nauseam. September does not seem so bad anymore, right?

How to return to routine and sport without dying in the attemptOrganization-activities-agenda-necklace-wood-MinimumBoards

Minimum Boards wants to shed a little light on the mess of “Things to do” lists and make a space in your schedule so you can exercise and stay in shape. September, let’s go for you!

  1. Attitude: it seems obvious, but if you want to start playing sports, the first thing you have to do is mentalize yourself. Consider the following questions: why do I want to exercise? What will make me exercise seriously? What are the advantages and disadvantages of not practicing sports? Schedules, the desire, the weather, the off form, etc. They are just excuses, do not forget it. Think of reasons of real importance.
  2. Plan your priorities: with this we do not mean that you suppress priorities, only that you give them an order to later be able to organize them and that you are able to fulfill all of them.
  3. Elaborate your schedule: start making a schedule from Monday to Sunday and write down all the things you have to do every day or almost all (go to work, go to class, take the dog out). Then write down those you do occasionally (cleaning, go to the supermarket, etc.). Finally, analyze your schedule and find the free holes in which you can exercise yourself.
  4. Adapt to the new schedule: organization is paramount and do not worry if you do not fulfill it completely at the beginning, give yourself time! You have to catch the rhythm and adapt to the new schedule little by little. Do not get overwhelmed, changes take time.
  5. Keep in mind the weekend: if you practice a board sport, we all know that it takes more time, especially for the displacement. You can organize yourself during the week to exercise more smoothly and on weekends to go to the beach or the skatepark and spend time with friends or family, all a two for one. Of course, do not forget to rest!


We bet that only thinking about so many things already causes you tiredness, but think about the final result, it will be worth it! And so that the return to routine and sport is more bearable, Minimum Boards offers accessories in the form of a bracelet, keychain or necklace with wooden boards in miniature and your favorite board sport to be an incentive for you the arrival of the new station. Courage and get in shape!


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