When  we really like a sport, we love to know and try everything that is related to this. In the case of surfing and skateboarding we can find the so-called “longboards”, did you know them? Have you tried skating or surfing in one of them?

Before we start talking to you about these types of boards, we want to make it clear what a longboard is if you have never heard of them until now or you knew them, but you do not know exactly what they are: a longboard will identify it by its size and forms mainly, because they are longer than a surfboard and than a skate, as well as its shape varies, can be more rounded and, in the case of some skateboards, even narrower at the ends.Longboard-surf-beach-surfers-dark-necklace-wood-MinimumBoards

As you may have noticed, when we talk about “longboard” we do it talking about surfing and skateboarding. This is because only in these sports we can find this type of tables. In your case, do you surfing or skateboarding? Because there is more than one type of longboard with different characteristics, depending on the sport that you like the most. Next, we will tell you which ones.

Surfboard longboard

Longboards, although they are bigger and heavier, are very fast and more stable than the shortboards that are normally used. For many people it is an incredible experience and it is totally worth it. On the other hand, the longboards of suf that we can find are two mainly: those of competition type, with two lateral keels smaller than the central one, that on top allows to make more incredible and fast movements although its resistance is not better than those of the second type, the noserider longboard. The latter only has a keel, whose tip is more concave.

Skateboard longboard

Longboard-skateboard-park-skater-evening-keychain-wood-MinimumBoardsSkateboard longboards are very different from surfboards. As we have said before, its length and shape change, so does its width, which improves its stability. In terms of its shape can be varied and we can find different styles, each of them will provide something different that can help you improve your tricks, your technique, etc.

As we can see both despite being different to the typical surfboards or skateboard have something in common, improve stability. Would you dare to try some of these tables? Or have you tried any of these? If so, we hope you tell us about social networks because we want to know about your experience and if you would recommend it to more surfers or skateboard enthusiasts like you.

Finally, in Minimum Boards he has always liked surfing more and for that he offers you a series of wooden and miniature longboard accessories, totally brilliant! We encourage you to go through our store and get your longboard. You decide what format you want: bracelet, necklace or keychain, as well as the type of wood that you like the most. Go ahead and go for your longboard!


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