Champion of the Nazaré Challenge

Jamie Mitchell wins this year the Nazaré Challenge, event of the Big Wave World Tour (WSL), championship of the sub-discipline of surf “Big wave surfing”. This championship has been celebrated annually since 2009. It is composed of several events, some fixed and other variables. These events are organised in the destinations where the biggest ones of the world (6.2 to 15.5 meters) are produced.

The tournament is organized by the Surfing Professionals Association (ASP), currently called World Surf League (WSL).

The Portuguese stage of this tournament is one of the places where the waves are more spectacular. This feature makes it ideal for this tournament. This year there were waves of more than 12 meters, only able to be surfed by the biggest surfers. These beaches of Nazaré were known by the American Garrett Macnamara, who in 2011 surfed a wave of almost 24 meters that became part of the Guinness Book of Records. This record was beaten four years later in the same place, Nazaré, when the French Benjamin Sanchis surfed a wave of 33 meters, what madness!


These Portuguese beaches are so prone to create giant waves that it is normal to be the most anticipated tournament stage. This year the champion was Jamie Mitchell who excelled with his technique and proficiency surfing the waves. With a score of 23.77, at a distance of 11 points from the second classified, Mitchell was proclaimed clear winner of the day.

This event is a spectacle for surf lovers, don’t you think ?. Leave us your opinion in comments and do not forget to follow us on social networks!


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