With the arrival of spring, we are always more encouraged to change our habits a little after the cold winter and, above all, when summer is so close. Acquiring an habit is one of the most complicated things, since perseverance is a determining factor in this case.

It takes approximately 2 months to get a habit, to internalize it in such a way that we do it without thinking, automatically. However, it seems complicated, it is not impossible. Therefore, today we give you some small indications and tips that will help you to finally acquire good habits:

  1. Set yourself a goal in a short period of time. Ask yourself: “What is my goal?”, “How much time do I have to achieve my Food-healthy-habits-Minimumboardsgoal?”, “Can I really get it in that period of time?”
  2. Mark a plan and obligations with objectivity. It is important to establish goals in relatively short periods of time, such as 1 week, 1 month, etc., that are achievable, since as we fulfill our goals, our motivation will also increase.
  3. Surround yourself with people who support you. Or in any case of people who do not discourage you to fulfill your goal, if it is something that you want, you have to move forward regardless of the final result. First of all, you have to trust in you. That brings us to the next point.
  4. Self-motivate yourself. You cannot wait for inspiration to arrive on its own; you have to find what motivates you: phrases, social networks, images, music, etc. When the results begin to appear, you will see that it will be easier to continue.
  5. Reward yourself. It is good that for each goal achieved or progress you reward yourself with a prize. Just like your goals, your prizes can also increase gradually: a relaxing bath, a meal with friends, an outing with your partner, etc. In this way, you will maintain your motivation and decrease the possibility of being discouraged.
  6. Above all, enjoy. Do not see everything as an obligation, on the contrary! Enjoy what you do and you are getting little by little, think about the final result and how you will feel when you get there. Above all, when you get it, remember how you felt in each moment and that everything is your merit.

Having good habits has more advantages than we can imagine and not only are they reflected physically, we also feel better about ourselves and that is noticeable in small things: we are happier, more productive, more energetic, etc. It even has a great advantage that we can pass more unnoticed and is that a single healthy habit can eliminate many negative habits without realizing it, such as correcting posture, lack of concentration, etc.

In the case of sports, if you want to start exercising, we recommend that you start little by little, such as 30 minutes of exercise about 5 days a week, but never think of it as suffering even though it may be complicated at first, progress to your rhythm. Try to start with a different sport, try to practice it with a friend to motivate each other, try small things that excite you and you like them, but try and keep trying.


We recommend you in case you want to start with a board sport, one of our miniature boards surf, bodyboard, snowboard, skateboard, etc. You can have yours and always take it with you to remind you why you started with your new healthy habits and have it always present. Choose the model that you like the most and start this spring in a very positive way.


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