Although the holidays are time to relax and enjoy surfing to the fullest, we should never neglect the equipment we use. Caring for it and keeping it properly is essential to make it last as long as possible. But, do you really know how you have to do it?

In surfing everything counts and the way we use our material says a lot about us as surfers. Therefore, today we bring you a series of tips so that your team not only lasts longer but is in optimal conditions longer:

  1. Surfboard:Volkswagen-surfboards-beach-keychain-wood-miniature-MinimumBoards
  • Cleaning.- every time you finish surfing you should clean it with fresh water, but if you are going to keep it for a while, it is recommended that you clean it from time to time with a suitable soap and brush.
  • Protection.- Do not leave your board in the sand in full sunlight, cover it with a suitable cover or with towels. The surface of the board is delicate.
  • Transport and storage. – If you carry your board in the car, it is better if you carry it on the ceiling and, if you carry it inside, be careful not to crash or move against anything. The same as to keep it, always in a horizontal position, if you keep it vertical, any blow could cause it to fall.

2. Neoprene suit:

  • Cleaning.- Like the table, you should clean it with fresh water to remove any trace of sea salt (better if you let it soak). Even from time to time you can clean it with special soaps to get a better cleaning.
  • Drying and storage.- It is important that you turn it over so that it dries on the inside and the same so that it dries on the outside. Also remember to hang it in half, if possible without tweezers, to avoid deformation of the suit. Finally, store it in a place where it is protected from sunlight.
  • The zippers. – Very important that they are well taken care of, so we advise that from time to time you wax them a little so that they last more.

3. Leash:Surfboard-leash-neoprene-bracelet-wood-miniature-Minimuboards

  • Cleaning.- Follow the same procedure as the previous ones, fresh water is the best.
  • Saved.- To avoid deformations, the best place is at the tip of the table.

4. Cover of the table:

  • Maintenance.- When you do not use it, make sure you keep it well to avoid getting sand inside and grate your board.

Did you take all these precautions? Did you follow some of these steps now? We have only given you some small tricks on how to take care of your surfing material, now it’s your turn to put them into practice. Do you take other precautions to take care of your material? We die because you tell us about social networks. We also do not want you to forget yourself, so we recommend that you read the following entries to learn other tricks on how to take care of yourself in surfing: Adequate Training For Surfing and Feeding For Surfing.

As for Minimum Boards, the main thing is always you, nor do we want you to forget surfing with style. That’s why we offer you a series of surfboard accessories in wood and miniature, beautiful! Comfortable and light, you will not notice that you are wearing them. We present them in three formats: necklace, bracelet and key-chain, so you can choose your favorite and the type that you like the most. Which one will you choose?


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