Do we take care of our body from external agents? When we are passionate about something, we often forget to take precautions and expose it to extreme conditions. We have to take care of our body, both outside and inside.

The sun, the sand, the sea… bring many benefits, but being honest, for a true surfer there is never enough. Therefore, today we tell you what you should take into account when caring for your skin. Also, at the end of this post we will give you a few #Minimumtips, our proper tips.

  • Identify your skin.- Do you have very white, normal, brown, tanned, dark skin? It is important to know this because in that Products-beauty-care-bracellets-wood-MinimumBoardsway we know how sensitive our skin is and how long of exposure to the sun it can withstand. If you have it clear, you can go to the next point.
  • Choose the cream and the sun protection factor (SPF) .- depending on how sensitive our skin is, we can choose the protection. We recommend the physical protectors since they act as a shield for the sun’s rays. Remember to apply it several times a day and a while before exposing yourself to the sun.
  • Exfoliation.- It is very important to exfoliate the skin at least once or twice a week because we must eliminate any trace of cream and eliminate dead cells. In this way, we will even get a more uniform tan.
  • Moisturising.– one of the most important steps, especially after exfoliation, it is necessary to regenerate and moisturize the skin to maintain its elasticity witch a good cream. And of course, drink a lot of water!
  • Neoprene use.- In addition to the previous points, we recommend the use of neoprene to avoid any type of skin lesion. In the next post we recommend you how to clean and maintain your neoprene: How to take care of my surfing equipment.


  1. Aloe Vera and body oil: pure aloe vera gel is super regenerating and has many nutrients. Also, body oil, such as rosehip oil, is very nutritious. We recommend it especially with sunburn.
  2. Conditioner and natural masks: this tip is for your hair, with the conditioner you will avoid curling and with the masks you will be able to treat and nourish the damages suffered by your hair from the sea and the sun.

What do you think of these tips? Did you know them already? Tell us about social networks if this is the case and if you start applying them, tell us how you are doing. Now is your turn! What tricks do you have to take care of your skin?

Precisely the care of the skin is very important for us and because of them the Minimum Boards accessories of natural boards are careful with the environment and the skin of every surfer. Choose the format that you like best: bracelet, necklace and key ring and the type of wood you want: African ebony, amaranth amazon and Pacific mahogany, among others. Come by our store and remember, always take care of your skin!


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