If you could design your own skate, what would it be like? Have you ever thought about customizing your skateboard but do not know how? Are you interested in giving your touch to your skateboard to be totally unique?

Skateboarding has always had a unique, very personal style, but at the same time very different and individualistic. Therefore, we can not find two equal skates, would you encourage to design yours? Today, in Minimum Boards we tell you two ways to personalize your skateboard: by yourself (DIY) and by a professional way.

How to customize yourself a skate (DIY)Street-skate-east-design-keychain-wood-MinimumBoards

The elements that we will need are the following:

  • Our skateboard
  • A wood sandpaper
  • Painting: spray, tempera or acrylic; and brushes (optional)
  • Double-sided tape (optional)

Steps to follow:

  1. To begin, we must first design what is going to be our new skate on paper and choose the colors, motives and dimensions of the same we want to wear. Get inspired! And look online, social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.), magazines, videos. There you can find thousands of designs to create your own.
  2. We must unscrew the wheels and sand our board and, if we have a sticker design, take off as much as possible the old model and the remains that remain.
  3. Once we have chosen our design, we recommend you if you decide only to paint it, the spray paint and the double-sided tape to obtain a better result; if you decide to capture your own drawings, you can draw with a pencil the design on the table and to paint it there is special paint for that type of wood. In any hardware store they will advise you which one will suit you.

Of course, this way of customizing your skate is cheaper, but more difficult. However, if you are a creative person and you like to have your own style is the one that we advise you the most. Unleash your creativity! And if you have any questions, you can always ask professionals for advice.

How to customize your skate in the professional wayShop-skate-models-wood-bracelet-MinimumBoards

On the Internet we can find websites of shops, companies, workshops and professionals who are dedicated to creating and designing skates of all kinds, as well as finding contact information and curiosities of these. In this way, you will save yourself from doing this work yourself, to be able to reach an agreement regarding the price, the term, the models, etc.

  • Other items that you can also change and choose to your liking are the wheels, there are many models that you can also buy on your own, if you decide to customize your board by yourself.

Once you have seen two ways to personalize your skate, which one would you choose: do it yourself or leave it in the hands of the professionals? We remind you that the first option is more creative and more personal, the second instead will save you time and effort. Like everything, it is to everyone’s taste.

The Minimum Boards tables are also different, authentic and customizable for you. We give you the option to choose the type of board (shortboard, longboard, fishboard, bodyboard, wakeboard, snowboard, skateboard); as well as the format: bracelet or key chain necklace; and the type of wood that you want your miniature wooden accessory to carry: Pacific Mahogany, African Ebony, Amazonian Amaranth and other types. How are you going to design yours?


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