The fish surfboards had their biggest boom in the 90s and they are perfect for small waves. If you are interested in knowing more about this kind of boards or you want to get one, today we will guide you a bit so you know how to do it.

Although they are smaller than surfboards, the experience of surfing for the first time in this type of boards is incredible. This is what many surfers say in the documentary: “Fish. The surfboard documentary”, from which we leave the trailer here and even an interview that Stafmagazine did to Joseph Ryan, the director of this documentary. With this, we wait to encourage you to try them and to live a new experience that really is worthwhile.


One of the main qualities of a fish surfboard is that you can go very fast. This is possible thanks to how this board is made. First of all, the nose has a rounded shape that in the central part is going to widen to finish in the bottom of the table in V or swallowed. On the other hand, the bottom makes a small curve too that influences the resistance. As for the rails, in the upper part these are more soft and in the lower part more hard. Finally, they can have 2 to 4 fins. All this makes a table especially recommended to beginners because it will allow them, among other things, to gain confidence in the water.

To determine the measurements of your fish surfboard, we must take into account the weight and experience of the surfer, so we recommend you check the Surferos page, where they offer you a table with the different variants to guide you a little. However, as we have said, it is only a small guide, it is best to go to a professional and consult him personally, because he will take into account other factors and provide you with information and advice that is appropriate for you and your condition.


  1. To start, go to our shop and you can choose your accessory by format: bracelet, necklace or key ring; or for sport: bodyboard, skate, snow, surf or wakeboard. If you choose the first option, you will have to choose the sport that interests you; and vice versa, if you opt for the other option.
  2. Once you have chosen your accesory, you must choose the combination: pacific caoba, african ebony, purple amazon, sunset beach, grizzly bear, yacht caoba, classic 60’s. And below these combinations you will find the price, the amount you would like to buy and the description of the product.
  3. Finally, this will be added to the shopping cart and you will be able to make the payment and wait until, in this case, your fish surfboard arrives home.


As surfing with a fish surfboard is an incredible experience, we also want it to be a miniature board of this type and that is also made of wood which makes it respectful with the environment. Also its packaging is very beautiful because it will come with a message in a glass bottle, so you have even more present the sea. His style also makes it ideal for any occasion. What are you waiting for to get yours?


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