Today we bring to the blog the history of snowboarding

First of all, we can not define exactly when the snowboard originated. Nevertheless, we can find the first evidence about this sport in 1900. During this period, people began to fix their feet to wooden planks with fishing ropes and horse reins. So, they were able to go down snowy mountain slopes.

The beginning of modern snowboarding is clearer. It is said that this sport, as we know it today, was created about 1960 by the engineer Sherman Poppen. While Sherman was watching his daughters play with a ski, he had a great idea, the first snowboard. The “Snurfer”, a “snow” and “surf” combination, was a simple wooden board with a rope to maintain balance.

The first table was commercialized between the 60s and 70s. It had a great success with more than one million snurfers sold. Futhermore, about 1970 Poppen started to organise the first championships of snurfing to summon people from around the world.

About 1969 a surfer and ski enthusiast, Dimitrije Milovich, started to design snowboards not only of wood but also of polyester. As a result, the Winterstick board was born, similar to a ski but wider and still without fixations.

snowboarding history

Snowboarding as we know it

Snowboarding started to become really popular in the late 70’s, early 80’s, when pioneers of this sport came with new designs, mechanisms and equipment of tables. It was a revolution for snowboarding. Nowadays, almost all the stations of the United States and Europe have separate tracks for the snowboard and the different styles of this sport. Now this sport is a successful and its history is getting larger.

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What is your story with snowboarding?


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