December has already arrived… as the cold month par excellence, the month of Sagittarius and Capricorn, the month of skiing and snowboarding and the month of Christmas, of course.

If you are one of those who practice skiing, snowboarding or any other type of winter sport, even those who despite the cold temperature go running… we bring you some of healthy habits that you need to remember this winter:



  1. Wear warm clothes and get a suitable kit for you. Above all, remember to wear breathable and waterproof clothing
  2. Take vitamin C. Citrus fruits are a good ally, there is nothing like oranges, lemons or grapefruits
  3. Be careful when you change your wet clothes. Make sure that the place where you change your sweaty clothes because of sports is a closed place. The cold temperature brings wind too
  4. Drink water frequently. A good hydration is very important, even it’s cold outside
  5. Perform the previous stretches in a closed space. Even you have to increase the time dedicated to warm-up exercices.
  6. Do sport during the hours of greatest illumination. It is not just a safety issue, but you have to avoid the colder hours
  7. Do not excessively exercise you. During winter, fatigue appears earlier.



However, during winter we are always lazier to practice some sport. It couldn’t be! Motivate yourself by starting a different sport, more suitable for this time. It is also a time when we eat heavier meals and sports will make us feel better and healthier. And finally, the intake of calories is greater, but we can also burn them more quickly, which also increases our self-esteem.


As you see, sport does not have to be an impossible mission in winter. In addition, good accessories and style is always an incentive. We propose our Minimum Boards, you can find wood boards no matter which sport: snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, longboard, wakeboard, fishboard, bodyboard… (for those who enjoy a warmer December). You just have to go through our store and choose the model that you like the most, according to your favorite sport, do you dare?



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