Throughout your life you have surely received and you will receive thousands of lessons, especially from your family, which will always be the most valuable and especially when they come from a father, what would we do without them? In fact, would you have started surfing or skating if he had not taught you?

We all owe a lot to parents and even if one day a year is HIS day (besides his birthday) you have to show them that we will be there every time they need us, that a lot of what we are is thanks to them and that despite not being noticed often we will always be grateful for what they have done and do for us.

Today, we are going to talk about three persons whose parents were the ones who taught them to take their first steps in the world of surfing and skateboarding in their own way, becoming their job and practically their lifestyle. Do you want to know more about them? Well, continue reading that we have things to tell you.


Who is behind the brand of VANNAV Surf & Shop. It is dedicated to the manufacture of wood of paulownia boards and this idea was inspired by the father of Patxi Navarri, cabinetmaker, and who gave him the necessary knowledge to work with wood and helps him improve every day in order to get boards. of surf that are 100% ecological.


Second generation of surfboard shapers in Spain of Lengüita-Surf. His father was the one who not only introduced him to the world of surfing, but also to the world of shape. An example of a guide who will accompany him always and who has allowed him to continue a legacy that his son tries to maintain with the highest quality.


His story begins with a skateboard under his arm. His father was the one who initiated him in this sport and it was his son who transmitted it to the rest of Spain riding Caribbean, the first skate shop that opened in Madrid in 1975. Currently, he is a senior skateboarder of the national panorama who continues to reinvent himself and cheering to the next generations to try skateboarding.

These are some examples in which the influence of a father has been very important (even crucial) for the world of surfing and skateboarding. We must thank him more than we think because sometimes, almost without realizing it, they open the way to a great and prosperous future that is also possible thanks to one’s own work.

Minimum Boards also has a lot to thank the parents so we encourage you to go to our shop and get two bracelet, necklaces or sports keychains to match for both of you with a discount on these supplements so you can enjoy sharing it in your day so special. A father deserves that and much more and a unique and so special gift for both is a good first step to prove it. So, tell us, which one are you going to choose?


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