When you surf we can also suffer injuries as in any other sport, if we do not put enough care

In today’s post we will comment on the most common injuries and the tips that you can put into practice to try to avoid them.

The most frequent injuries in surfing

Impact injuries. These injuries can happen while surfing, they can occur against the table, the seabed or rocks or stones. These types of lesions are called lacerations. Being in a changing natural environment is difficult. Controlling the movements to avoid damage is sometimes not possible. Since they can be very dangerous, special cares must be taken specially with large waves .

Knee sprains. When you gain experience and are practicing more surfing tricks, it is more common that injuries to the knees being produced. By requiring the ligaments more than normal, they can suffer and can not withstand the pressure. These injuries can be severe, requiring up to 2 or 3 weeks for recovery. Better to avoid them!

Bruising. Although not very severe injuries, they can affect muscles, tendons and internal organs. They are produced by rupturing the blood vessels and filtering their contents to the skin. Despite not being an open wound these injuries can become very serious.

Shoulder injuries. The stress we put under our shoulders when paddling in the water can often lead to injury. Excessive training and lack of sufficient physical capacity are reasons for injury.

Sunburns and sunstroke. Although it is nice to be outside taking part in this sport, sometimes it can play against us. Not applying enough cream to protect against the sun can cause burns to the skin. In addition, spending many hours training in the sun, we can also suffer an insolation.


How to avoid these injuries?

We can not give you the perfect formula to not suffer any injuries in your surfing practices, but we can advise you on some issues that you should keep in your mind if you want to reduce the chances of suffer one.

  • Perform a pre warm-up of the whole body every time you go to take part in sports, this will help you to keep your muscles ready for your training period.
  • Protect with sun protection and moisturise continuously.
  • Use the protection you think is right for you. Wearing a helmet is not something common among surfers, yet it seems to us basic to avoid the most serious blows against boards or rocks.
  • Receive classes on safety in surfing and on stretching and warm-ups. Surfers who learn on their own do not always have this knowledge. Having these notions can prevent injuries that are caused by our fault.
  • Practice as much as you can! Both in the water and outside. Continuing training will help you to mould your body and adapt much better to the aquatic environment.


And, above all, do not be afraid to surf! Complications can arise in all sports but that should not stop you from taking part in them. Remember that if you can not get into the water every day, you can buy your Minimum Boards miniature board to feel that surfing is also on the ground and keep training for your favourite sport out of the water.


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