There are feelings and emotions that, we really want to share with other people; sometimes with a specific person, a special person, but how?

The 14th of February is here, Valentine’s Day, a day not only to remind to your partner how much you love her/him, but to remember why it is important to you too.

Not everything in life is to reach the perfect wave or to do the best ollie, but we also like to share that moment with someone special, whether it friends, family or even our partner. All of them are special people who accompany us in good and bad times, people who, at least, once a year we should thank them for their support: birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… Sometimes, they even share what we are most passionate about.

Surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, etc. they are sports that we mainly practice individually. However, for many people they represent the sports that have involved them like never before, did not you know it? Keep reading and we’ll tell you some cases:

  • Almudena Fernández and Aritz Aranburu: model and professional surfer, they both share not only the passion for surfing, but also a big heart as they participate with NGOs and solidarity campaigns.
  • Jessica Anderson and Tristán Aicardi: in this case, again, the sea and the waves have brought together this two professional surfers.
  • Amelia Brodcka and Alec Beck: they were not joined by any board sport, but the one that took them rolling to the marriage. Alec Beck used his biggest passion, skateboarding, to propose to Amelia Brodcka. His video liked it so much that it became viral.


As you see, sports involved people, especially at this time of year, when spring is just around the corner. It is a fantastic time to do together what you like the most or to show your partner why you love these sports because many schools and centres make special offers to couples on Valentine’s Day. Now, how to tell him/her?

Sometimes it is not easy to express what we feel, therefore, what better way to do it than with a gift. Our wooden accessories are perfect for this kind of special events, either as a gift for that important person as a complement that you can wear to match. Its design is fantastic too since it comes with a message in a bottle. Surprise who you want this Valentine’s Day and, the best thing is that you can choose how and what kind of table you want to receive: the wood type (Pacific Caoba, African Ebony, Purple Amazon, Sunset Beach, Grizzly Bear, Yatch Caoba or Classic 60’s), the format (necklace, key chain and bracelet), when you want to receive it, etc. Quickly, it’s now or never! Start creating memories with your partner doing what you like most.



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