For surfers it is a fundamental part of food, like any other sports.

It is a basic step that we must take care to be able to perform to the maximum in the water. Since surfing is a very hard and demanding sport, with many physiological demands.From Minimum Boards we want to give you some dietary advice that can help you in the day to day, although we advise to go to a nutritionist to adapt to get a personalised diet.

Advices on how a surfer has to feed himself

  • The first thing we have to mention is hydration. It is very important to stay hydrated because in the surf you remain constantly under the sun and performing a high level of physical activity. It is recommended to drink half a litre of water one or two hours before exercising and hydrate during exercise as much as possible.
  • Make the five daily meals: breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner. Breakfast is a fundamental part of the day, do not skip it! Eat whole foods: fruits, vegetables, natural fats … A balanced diet provides the macronutrients that are appropriate for our body.
  • The 65 or 70% of the entire diet should be carbohydrates, they are composed of two types: simple and complex. The simple ones are those that contribute the energy of fast utilisation and the complex ones that take more time to be absorbed, which give us energy for long periods of exercise. We should combine the two types, before and after surfing.
  • Proteins are also very important, they increase muscle mass, help repair broken fibres… 15% of the total calories eaten should be protein.
  • Fats should also be consumed in our diet. These fats must be unsaturated, for example, those found in oil or nuts.
  • What to avoid? There are some foods that are best not included in the diet, or decrease your intake. Processed food, sugar, alcoholic beverages or white and processed flours are examples of things to avoid ingesting.


Before Surfing

We advise you for the days of intense exercise several foods to give you the energy you need: cereals, eggs and rice, fresh fruit, yogurts, whole wheat bread, oats, are some examples of food that can help you on your day of surfing.

After Surfing

Replenishing strength after exercise is also very important. Vegetables and protein will help you get it.

Have these nutritional tips helped you? Already well fed we can take our board and run to the sea! If you have any of the three miniature boards of Minimum Boards (longboard, shortboard or fishboard) put it for your surfing day. 


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