All MINIMUM necklaces and bracelets are adjustable by knots that can be loosened or adjusted to the size you want.

If still too large, simply cut the cord at one end and re-do the knot.

That way you can adjust the necklaces and bracelets to your required size and achieve greater comfort.

* For bracelets, you should consider the length of the board as well as the size of the wrist.

We do everything possible to keep delivery costs as low as possible. However, prices are set by companies and parcel postal services. We believe it is important to keep prices low, but we also want your order to arrive in good condition and quickly. Delivery time depends on the country where the product is being shipped to.

All our accessories are made from leather and wood – they are 100% natural.

To maintain good condition and life, we recommend applying to both materials oily solutions such as sunflower oil, petroleum jelly or any other available suitable products for these materials. This will maintain their elasticity thus preventing cracking, adding protection from the sun, water and even bugs.

All the materials we use are of the highest quality and offer some water resistance. However, because they are natural materials exposure to water is not recommended.

Not at all! These boards are not only meant for surfers or boarders but for anyone who can appreciate their beauty. A beauty which you can identify yourself with.